Superstar Shah Rukh Khan believes the #MeToo movement may have started in the West but it has given voice to the women across the globe, including India, to share their stories of abuse and harassment.

He says the movement has shone a light on the mistreatment of women in work space.


“It started from there… in the West and it gave voice to women to come out and talk about something that may have happened some years back… It gave them enough support to come out with their stories.

“The greatness of this movement is that in the future, we have to accept that people do mistreat women in most fields than not, it has been a conversation everywhere,”

The actor hopes the change is here to stay.

SRK says that in the cinematic world and media world it has made the world a little more aware now. He believes the main thing is that people are aware that this is not going to go untouched if somebody behaves in an improper manner.

When asked if Indian commercial films have touched upon such stories, Shah Rukh said while mainstream cinema has not delved deep into the subject, the parallel cinema has always held the fort.

“We don’t do it in the depth and the seriousness with which one should do it. I would always be a hero in the film, be on the side of empowering a woman but maybe we sometimes lack depth.

The actor, however, said the combination of entertainment and engagement is needed and there should be more films like Dangal, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Chak De! India “.