Lungi Dance, the famed tune from Hindi film Chennai Express back in 2013 pissed many people off. The song was supposed to be a tribute to Rajinikanth, but the lyrics were devoid of anything remotely related to the Superstar.

In stand up comic Aravind SA’s skit, Why Tamils Don’t Speak Hindi, he dissected the lyrics of the tune, and pointed out why they made no sense, and that it has absolutely nothing to do with Tamil Nadu.

This YouTube clip went viral and boiled plenty of North Indian piss – meaning they got really offended. How dare we lowly South Indians insult the Baadshah of Bollywood?


The backlash was insane, and Aravind SA was trolled heavily on social media by the butthurt Hindi speakers. So the stand up comic did something brilliant. He came up with a parody to Lungi Dance, and called it – what can be more obvious – Chapathi!

The Chapathi song was part of his show, Madrasi Da, which he toured worldwide with and performed to numerous sold out audiences.

Over the weekend, Aravind SA released the Chapathi song on YouTube, and the clip has garnered a whopping 1 million views in less than 3 days.

Check the Chapathi song out here, and just a reminder to everyone – NEVER use Thalaivar’s name in vain!