Varnam Malaysia speaks to the Producer and Male Cast of Tamiletchumy

The latest Malaysian drama series hitting our screens is Tamiletchumy by Veedu Production. It was first aired on the 8th of June at 9pm and is broadcasted from Monday through Thursdays on Astro Vaanavil HD (201). The Tamil drama series is produced and directed by the famed husband-wife duo of Denes Kumar and Dr. Vimala Perumal.

The heart warming and women centric new series stars Jasmine Michael, Seelan Manoheren, Hemaji, Devendran, Moon Nila, James Devan Arokiasamy, Agalyah Maniam, Sri Kumaran Munusamy, V.Dhurgashini  along with veteran artist Malarvizhi Shanmugam.

Tamiletchumy depicts the lives of three married women who are childhood friends. The plot focuses on marital challenges and family life, confronting lies, crimes and scandals kept behind closed doors.  The series contains 27 episodes in total. The shooting was set in Kuala Lumpur and it took about 45 days to complete.

We at Varnam Malaysia had the pleasure to catch up with the producer and male cast of  Tamilechumy as they share their experiences of working on the sets of this series.