Women empowering women, women leading women, women mentoring women is the best gift any woman can give to another.

This is a day and age where women need to help each other out and not be envious towards the other. Who best understands a woman than a woman of course!

One beauty queen is enthusiastically, passionately and actively doing her part in helping other women succeed and help elevate their standing in life.

This lady is none other than R. Priyadarshimi who was crowned Mrs Malaysia World 2019/2020. Priyadarshimi conducted a free workshop called ‘The Women For Women’ event on the 19th of July 2020. The event was initially scheduled for International Women’s Day in March, however was postponed due to the movement control order (MCO) nationwide.

This workshop was graced with an introductory talk by Priyadarshimi, followed by an ice-breaking session by Riri from Valora Chair. The workshop then kicked off with a basic makeup course demonstrated by the enchantress, who demonstrated a simple day-to-day makeup look for the ladies.

After the makeup session, the ladies were then challenged to a constructive-thinking game and talk session by Vatsala Nair, who focused on building confidence in women and fighting against domestic violence.

The workshop has been a massive success, which witnessed a total of 25 ladies from various ages and backgrounds who had participated in this beneficial workshop. The venue sponsor, Bungalow 37, located in Bangsar did a marvellous job accommodating the event, by providing a comfortable space creating a home-like atmosphere for the ladies, while adhering to the SOPs.

A financial workshop was concluded by Linkeshwar, who enlightened the ladies on financial management post MCO, and introduced them to budget planning and building their own brands, in line with Priyadarshimi’s advocacy focusing on financial independence for women.

The Mrs Malaysia dedicated this entire event to the growth of the women of her society. She handpicked the attendees herself, by making them write to her on why they are best fit to attend this free workshop, hence, selecting the ladies who seemed to be in need of knowledge and exposure in the given fields.

She has also opened collaboration opportunities for small businesses run by women, by distributing their product samples to the attendees and promoting their businesses on her personal social media accounts. The attendees were also provided free t-shirts, from Simmero Sdn Bhd’s women empowerment line, established by the belle.

Priyadarshimi hopes to organise more free workshops for her ladies in the future, as she pledges to make the best of the title she has earned, for the benefit of women’s growth. In accordance with her upcoming business ventures and her stand for a zero-waste lifestyle,  we can expect to see Priyadarshimi creating and spreading more awareness on the importance of being financially-free while living a lifestyle which will benefit the individual.

Keep up with Priyadarshimi’s journey as Mrs Malaysia World 2019/2020 on her Instagram page here.