AR Rahman is without a doubt an iconic music composer. Recently, he made a revelation as to the reason why he has been doing less work in Bollywood are due to rumours made by certain individuals about him in the Hindi film industry. This has dented the chances of the “Isai Puyal” of getting work.

The subject came up when Rahman, during an interview with Radio Mirchi was asked why he works more frequently in Tamil cinema than in Hindi films, to this he replied, “I don’t say no to good movies, but I think there is a gang, which, due to several misunderstandings, is spreading some false rumours about me.”

The Oscar winner who has composed over 100 songs in multiple languages in a career spanning three decades, has recently scored music for Dil Bechara, the late Sushant Singh Rajput’s last film that premiered on Disney+Hotstar. The film marks the directorial debut of casting director Mukesh Chhabra, and has been receiving plaudits for its hummable tunes.


“When Mukesh Chhabra came to me, I gave him four songs in two days. He told me, ‘Sir, many people said don’t go to him (Rahman). They told me stories after stories’. I heard that and I realised, yeah okay, now I understand why I get less (Bollywood offers) and why the good movies are not coming to me. I am doing dark movies, because there is a whole gang working against me. People are expecting me to do stuff, but there is another gang of people preventing that from happening, without them knowing that they are doing harm to me,” Rahman told the radio station.

“It is fine, because I believe in destiny, and I believe that everything comes from God. So, I am taking my movies and doing my other stuff,” the musician Indicated.

He also added that if the directors are making beautiful movies and approach him to compose music, he’ll accept the offer. AR Rahman is a six time national award winner and has made India proud by bringing home two Oscars and Grammy awards respectively.