Honestly, I was not aware about the ongoing Tamil Nadu 16th Legislative Assembly Election which begun yesterday (6th April) until Thala Thalapathy’s latest videos went viral on social media.

For the past 24 hours, both the stars from Kollywood, who are fondly lauded by their fans, have taken a toll on meme and troll trends.

The viral video shows Thalapathy Vijay cycling to Chennai’s polling booth to cast his vote. The ride brought about a jam in the vicinity of the polling booth and a mild police action while a crowd began chasing the actor.


Many were curious why the star was cycling to the polling station. Doesn’t he know that his beloved fans could capture intense attention?

Speculation showed that many people believed Vijay was willing with his ‘bike ride’ to deliver a strong message on fuel prices.

But his publicist explained that the star was doing so, in order to avoid parking difficulties in the narrow street of the voting place.

Thalapathy Vijay decided to go by cycle instead of using the car because the poll booth was right next to his residence and taking the car might have congested the road even more. There was no other intention behind it!

On the other hand, we have Thala Ajith’s video of snatching a fan’s phone and managed to get an equal amount of attraction on social media.

As we all know, Ajith Kumar is an extremely reserved star and avoids any sort of attention. In the chaotic situation at the polling booth, his act brought a pause.

The video shows an unmasked fan who is trying to take a selfie with the actor who arrived at the polling booth with his wife.

When the fan manages to make its way to Ajith and tries to take a selfie without consent, the actor snatched his phone and reportedly returns it after he had been warned because he actually violated the social distancing norms there. 

Later on, the actor also apologised to the fan for reacting like that, but his act was due to his concern about following the COVID-19 safety measures. Ajith received a lot of praise for following Covid-19 protocols. Netizens also praised the actor when he compromised his privacy.