In 2020, mental illness is predicted to be the second major health concern for Malaysians after heart disease. The National Health Morbidity Survey (2015) estimates every 1 in 3 adults aged 16 years and older in Malaysia may suffer from some form of mental health issues.

Source: WHO

NO! It is not a trend to say “I’m depressed”. NO! Mental illness isn’t a joke! And NO! It is not a choice! Depression is often taken out of context easily these days. Many don’t realise that simply overlooking this problem can cause major consequences to the individual sooner or later. 


We therefore need to have a basic grasp that depression or mental illness could affect anyone and may not have a specific cause for it. It just happens, and it might take a great deal of time to heal.

And yes! People who are going through this problem certainly need care. It may be a combination of medication, counselling, or alternative approaches. But they undoubtedly require some sort of attention.

That’s when a question arose, How can we help someone who suffers from depression or anxiety? As an answer, SOLACE (Sending Out Love And Care Endlessly), a small team of youngsters have answered the calling placed upon their lives to reach out to those fighting any form of mental illness.

In a phone interview with Varnam, SOLACE‘s founder, Hashmitha Selvam said,  “I have been hearing a lot on suicide/anxiety/depression cases that have been on the rise lately, and I felt the call to help anyone who’s battling through those things, even if I can’t physically help them, I just wanted to be there for them, at least as a friend and listen to their thoughts and stories”.

After retelling her desire to her family, Hashmitha received tremendous support from them encouraging her to build a platform where people could drop an email or message the group via Instagram expressing their thoughts and emotion freely, with the privilege of ultimate privacy. Hence, SOLACE was incepted in June.

Not only did her folks lend their support towards her cause, but like-minded friends were also receptive and excited by her idea. Thus, they joined hands in creating this great and wonderous effort for the betterment of society.

Source: SOLACE official Instagram

This group of volunteers consisting of 21 people, are hands on and ready to be of ever present help in needful times. Among some of the suggestions include on ways to end suicidal thoughts crippling and messing up one’s mind or measures to end their depressive thoughts. SOLACE also ensures that emails and messages sent to them will be unquestionably confidential and will never judge the individual at any cost. 

Source: SOLACE official Instagrm

Hashmitha has also clearly mentioned that her team is not medically qualified, thus advising one to not take this platform as a counselling or therapy session. SOLACE is also very active in their Instagram page where they post updates and very inspirational videos to motivate their followers. So please do follow their page here

SOLACE have recently collaborated with Gowri Arumugam on her motivational single “Poraadu” to conduct a heart-to-heart session with people.

Its inspiring to see youths of the millennium who seem very keen on helping society purely from a genuine heart. Great job SOLACE! We at Varnam are proud of your work! Keep touching lives…