Life can be very unpredictable, even with the most utmost care, we may never know what awaits us, worst, in such times during a pandemic. Hence, we can only say a word of prayer before we leave our homes into the world.

With many frontliners risking their lives to treat and protect us from the Covid-19 pandemic; once such doctor in the midst of treating her patients in Tawau, Sabah contracted the virus herself.

Dr Saraswathy Subramaniam who has since recovered from the virus, took to her social media account to share with us her Covid-19 journey, to which she battles it courageously, not allowing the virus to take a hold on her life.

Saraswathy Subramaniam’s Facebook Page

Dr. Saraswathy is a doctor who is based in the districts of Sabah. Her story is perhaps one that is deserving to be told and by her sharing her experiences, it somehow has helped in enlightening Malaysians about the realities of the deadly virus.

Saraswathy Subramaniam’s Facebook Page

After 3 weeks of intense discomfort in battling Covid-19, she has now returned back to the battleground as a doctor at the Emergency and Trauma Department of Hospital Tawau.

It feels good to be back on my feet after 3 weeks plus of hiatus . Im back at service at the Emergency and Trauma Department of Hospital Tawau officially . Survived#badassCovid with love and prayers showered by everyone . My heartiest gratitude.

Her journey in battling the Covid-19 outbreak as a frontliner and survivor is a wonderful reminder that we are ‘stronger than we think’. Her battle in defeating the virus, sort of gave her a new perspective and insight about the struggles and agony of those who had to fight Covid-19.

Day 2 of life as a Junior MO , i was assigned to work in District – Hosp Semporna due to massive Covid outbreak, super excited . Prepared myself mentally . Left . And experienced a real pandemic war zone , did everything that i could with all those experiences i earned from Tawau . Became speechless when Covid patients asked me‘ Apa Bah itu kobid Dr ? ‘ Fast forward , tested Covid Positive . 20 days of my journey – truly a battle . Sailed it through. It taught me how tough life can get , and i came out tougher!

Dr. Saraswathy pushed aside a scholarship offered to pursue her own dreams of becoming a journalist and news caster by joining med school to become a doctor.

Today, as a survivor of Covid-19 herself, she has definitively out done herself as a dedicated doctor in the districts of Sabah, striving to combat the most menacing virus, by shedding her soul and energy to it despite all odds.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, Dr. Saraswathy!