A Penangite has obtained over 40 professional certifications in the field of ‘Data Science, Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, Internet of Things’ and a host of other certificates, on top of a degree in corporate communications and an MBA (Master of Business Administration) besides being a mother and social activist at the same time.

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It is very much interesting to note that Priscilla Prasena managed to complete all these courses in a span of just five years. Moreover, when the country was in a three month lockdown state, she completed 10 online courses while staying at home.


Thus, this astonishing 37-year-old has been awarded the “most number of professional certification by an individual” in The Malaysia Book of Records, in honouring her achievements.

Priscilla told FMT: “Degrees alone don’t work, but professional certifications carry more weight, as employers hunt for certain skills. The certifications have allowed me to be a subject matter expert in various disciplines, it allows a bird’s eye view in operations and decision making.”

Priscilla is now both a part-time trainer and a social activist. She has previously held managerial positions in a German multinational company and had been a journalist with FMT for almost two years.

When asked how did she manage to obtain 40 professional certificates, she said it was out of “pure curiosity” and she was interested in figuring out how things worked.

“Whenever my company gives workers the opportunity to take professional courses, I will take up almost all that is offered,” she said, adding that she has paid up to RM100,000 for 40 courses to date.

Priscilla said that, considering the current economic climate, more people should consider self-skilling. She also said that it was important to equip oneself with industry-relevant skills.

Tamizhar Media Official Facebook page

“It’s in difficult and challenging times like this that you have to add value to your skill sets and experiences. When we accept change and develop new skills, there is no limitation to how quickly and smoothly you can evolve,” said the enterprising lady.

Her story serves as an inspiration to many out there, on the notion that we should not be giving excuses nor reasons if we really want to achieve anything. We should take the opportunity and resources that we have to make use of the vast platform in gaining knowledge. Above all else, everything is just a click away now.

‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way,’ come to think of it, if a mother of one can commit herself to enhance her knowledge and life skills embarking on 40 courses in just 5 years, then what limits us? The sky is the limit!