Kindness is the simplest act of love and equally crucial for today’s distorted society. It is the only thing that can help the world become a better place. And a change is good and welcomed by all of us.

Teddy Mobile Clinic Official Facebook page

Having said that, here is a man who is a compelling proof of the aforementioned statement. He started with 20, and now he’s got 160 volunteers.


He is Well known as the Teddy Bear Doctor because he looks like a giant teddy bear and has a smiling and friendly Face enough to make his patients feel safe and comfortable.

Dr. Madhusudhan is a full-time doctor who uses his medical expertise and skills to provide treatment and aid to those in need.

Teddy Mobile Clinic Official Facebook page

In 2015, he started the Teddy Mobile Clinic, an after-hour clinic that reaches out to the urban underprivileged and homeless every week. Now in 2020, he has set up three mobile clinics and is also funding old folk’s homes, orphanages and Orang Asli.

Dr. Madhusudhan shared that he observed his dad helping out so many people during his childhood days. He was inspired and encouraged to follow in his father’s footsteps, and soon became a doctor, not for the sake of money or fame, but to do good.

My patients and volunteers are like family to me. And I am happy to do this over and over and I hope with my help, they too are able to live better lives for themselves.

Teddy Mobile Clinic Official Facebook page

His volunteers include doctors and pharmacists who Treat and Aid about 50 patients a night.

The key health issues our patients face are skin problems, diabetes and high blood pressure due to the burden of working in the streets. Others, he added, were with severe blood pressure readings of more than 200. Others who have symptoms of tuberculosis are immediately taken to the hospital by volunteers.

Teddy Mobile Clinic Official Facebook page

Even while it’s an open-air mobile clinic with no walls in Jalan Hang Lekiu, consisting only of folding tables and chairs, Dr. Madhusudhan and his team regard it like a proper clinic. He also accepts everyone who comes for treatment.

Dr. Madhusudhan, who also operates a typical clinic in Cheras, said that when he started the Teddy Mobile Clinic, he had to take medicine from his own centre. Now though, people donate to the cause.

As a doctor, Dr. Madhusudhan expressed that he has the strength and expertise to reach out to more people. And with Teddy Mobile Clinic of aspiring volunteers, he believes that they will really have an impact in the community.

Teddy Mobile Clinic Official Facebook page

Teddy Bear Clinic is such a blessing for the underprivileged and homeless. It made their lives less burdensome and tiresome. “Without Teddy Bear Clinic, I’d have to go to the hospital and go through a lot of financial stress,” said a homeless man.

Dr.Madhusudhan also said that he feels the authorities should do better to balance the responsibility of caring for the underprivileged with NGOs.

But for Dr. Madhusudhan, who has been consistently engaged in voluntary work since his school days, says that he needs to do more as there are many out there that are in dire need of help.

Teddy Mobile Clinic Official Facebook page

Hence, the doctor welcomes anyone who wants to work at the clinic or support the cause financially, ultimately believing that it certainly takes two to tango. 

“And if you meet someone who wants medical attention and cannot afford it, you should bring them to us. We never turn anyone away,” Dr. Madhusudhan ended.

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Source: SAYS & FMT