Saree is a material clad by women that elevates their elegance and beauty, resembling the Indian culture that is now adorned by many and not just Indian women.

And you do know, a woman in a saree is for sure to make all heads turn capturing immediate attention for the bewildering beauty it holds.


Recently, Eight women made it into the spotlight, surprising localites, fascinating them completely with their vibrant coloured sarees running around Damansara Heights.

Now, that’s a sight sure to regret for those that have missed it!

The ladies who participated in the run were in their mid-40s and 50s and the oldest of them all were a lady in her 60s. The sarees were draped over the gorgeous ladies, with over 58 safety pins clad the six yards of elegance perfectly during their entire run. 

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The run, believed to be the very first of its kind, expressed such noble values in Malaysia of women breaking patriarchal stereotypes at the same time upholding traditions.

The group of women gathered more than RM17,000 for a local Ceylonese welfare body, Perma, who supports the elderly, underprivileged and physically disabled.

The Vijayanathan sisters, radiologist, Dr Anushya, 53, and accountant Sasha, 46, were among the runners, who wore their mother’s sarees in remembrance of her tenth death anniversary on 29th November.

My mum did charity in a big way and it was a priceless experience for Sasha and me to do our part while wearing her saree.

‘Mr Hockey’ G Vijayanathan’s daughters are continuing her charitable work, in memory of their mother Rajaletchmy, who had been part of Perma.

Free Malaysia Today (FMT)

Dr. Bharathi Vengadasalam and Rupa Sivanoli envisaged the saree run as a means of supporting Perma. Sasha said that there were a minimal number of participants due to the on-going lockdown. 

During the entire run which took them almost half an hour, was supported and driven cheerfully by their family members, strolling next to them in the car cheering on till their victorious completion.

Free Malaysia Today (FMT)

In hopes to continue this amazing run as a yearly event, Sasha stated that;

It was a lovely feeling to have done this first saree run for a good cause with a bunch of such inspirational ladies

The globally recognised umpire, who was also then the Malaysian Hockey Federation Honorary Secretary, Vijayanathan, expressed his heartfelt gratitude and awe when his daughters made such a historic move by wearing their mother’s sarees unleashing many fond memories.

Truly a remarkable historic mark made ladies!

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