Safecity mobile app, an initiative that enables women to talk and share experiences on sexual harassment, has just been launched in Malaysia with upgraded features by Red Dot Foundation (Global) in collaboration with Engender Consultancy and Sisterhood Alliance. 

In the last eight years, the forum has grown to include several of the ideas obtained from the public. With the latest launch of its revised edition in Malaysia, members of the public can now report sexual assault and gender abuse cases via the app from anywhere in the world. 

Source: Safe City

In making the report, victim information is private while sensitive information is obtained and stored in the application. It’s also user-friendly and filling up information on a potential suspect and nature of harassment or rape takes less than five minutes.

The Safecity app takes to public places the perspectives of sexual harassment and assault. It has been the largest public map of gender abuse and sexual assault in Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Nepal since it was first made available in December 2012 in India.

The platform works out the best and safest way for a women to go, marking the areas on a map and using colors to identify the locations with more reports (as usual, red indicates a more dangerous area). The database is also useful in helping local groups and agencies track and tackle crime against women. This will ensure them to focus on the solutions that needs to be sorted out for women.

In a nutshell, Safecity since its inception has become a secure space for women to express their stories and a place where their voices are heard. This concept raises consciousness of a topic that in contemporary culture all too frequently goes unreported, or even overlooked or unrecognised (primarily by individuals who have internalised it as something normal).

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