Cancer occurs when the body’s natural control mechanism stops functioning causing old cells to not die and grow out of control, producing new cells that are abnormal.

It often has the ability to spread all over the body, sometimes even until our bone marrrow and blood leading to death. 


Cancer is one of the leading causes of death globally.

16-year-old Gowri has recently been victimised by this deadly disease, taking a toll on her teenage life, very unexpectedly.

The news on Gowri was brought to light by Liberal Hearts Malaysia on their official Instagram page;

Gowri hails from Malacca,  living her life like every other teenager until she started having bad stomach aches that persisted for about 3 weeks. She was suspected of having appendicitis, but after multiple medical treatments by doctors at the Ayer Keroh Hospital, they were still unable to determine the actual cause of what she was experiencing.

Due to her persistent pain, Gowri’s concerned parents then brought her to the National Cancer Institute for further treatment.

Her condition was then verified by the doctors, when she tested positive for stage 2 stomach cancer.

Upon identification of her intense stomach pain, the doctors immediately started the required treatment on her but the family is however unable to afford the treatments being administered due to financial difficulties. They are in dire need of funds to continue with Gowri’s further treatment.

Gowri’s entire household runs solely on her father’s wage. He is a machinery driver and her mother is unemployed. Her mother is now currently residing here in Kuala Lumpur to accompany and look after Gowri, while her father is trying to support the family back in Malacca.

Liberal Hearts Malaysia believes that;

This poor girl has a lot more to see in life and we can definitely make that happen. Let’s join hands into helping her out, every penny contributed will make a difference. 

Let’s all come together to contribute to help fund for Gowri’s treatment in combating cancer!

To those intending to help, kindly donate to the account stated below:

Persatuan Kebajikan Hati Liberal (Liberal Hearts Charity Organisation)

Account Details
Persatuan Kebajikan Hati Liberal
Maybank Berhad- 512316660762

-A help in need is a help indeed-