Food is one of the most essential need for any living being in the world to sustain and survive. Globally, millions are deprived of food and are suffering from malnutrition, more so now with the plight of the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

In a fight to stop hunger in our very country, a wondrous effort has been ignited by this beautiful soul in providing food for the ones in need by selling a full heart and tummy filling nasi lemak for just RM1!

The owner of Ambasha Catering has brought forward this notable action to light, stating her main drive behind this force was her passion in cooking and her job that centres around the culinary world.


Her love for food moved her heart to feed the needy with what she could afford, which is FOOD. Her food is prepared with fresh ingredients cooked to perfection everyday, and encrypted with lots of love and care.

Ambasha Catering’s Facebook

Those that intend to join hands with this iron lady on this fantastic venture, do get yourself a RM1 nasi lemak for you and your family! A small deed goes a long way, hence, your help could feed a thousand families out there.

Ambasha Catering’s Facebook

So come on folks, let’s do our part by ordering a packet of her delish mouth watering nasi lemak and help uplift the effort brought by her to help the community!

This is perhaps one of the easiest and simplest ways to give back to society.