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In Malaysia, almost 30% of its students are still struggling to survive and finance their education as many are bound to the sky rocketing university and college fees.

In recent times, education has definitely been exploited as a form of raking in millions by many educational institutions, resulting in parents using up their live-long savings to finance their children’s education. This gets worse when some result to borrowing money or simply gambling their most valuable possessions away in order for their kids to obtain a certified paper qualification.

Achieving a degree or diploma is a highly sought after qualification by Malaysian employees, yet many can’t fully afford this privilege which instantly provides them with better employment opportunities and career growth.


Vicneswary Subramaniam a 23-year-old Bachelor of Communications student Has been left with no choice but to start selling fruits on the streets to sustain herself and pay An outstanding education fee of RM1018.18.

Just last year, Vicneswary lost her dad due to a heart attack and to make matters worse, lost her job as a waitress at a hotel in August due to the economic downturn brought over by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Free Malaysia Today (FMT)

In November, she was ousted from her family home and is now very much afraid that her education at Open University of Malaysia (OUM), Bangi, will also come to a halt due to the outstanding fee of RM1,018,18.

Thus, IN order to make ends meet, The hardworking Young Woman and her mOTHer sells freshly cut fruits at Taman Suntex, Cheras.

The fruits are priced at RM2 and are cut freshly everyday before commencing business. The income of RM25 earned everyday is used by her 44-year-old mother, Puspa to run the family of five, consisting of herself, Vicneswary, 82-year-old grandfather and two dogs.

Free Malaysia Today (FMT)

The income obtained from selling fruits is the only source of cash flow for the family. Despite facing a hard and tiring day selling fruits, this does not stop Vicneswary from continuing her studies nor completing the assignments given by the university.

Free Malaysia Today (FMT)

Education is the only way for this young lady to elevate and uplift her life and that of her family.

Vicneswary stated that;

Many people have talked behind my father’s back, saying he couldn’t do anything for his family. I’m going to prove them wrong. After I finish my degree, I plan to gain some work experience before continuing with a master’s degree in journalism.        

Once she completes her degree, her main drive is to help out her mother and grandfather to a better life.

Upon highlighting her story, Vicneswary had donations flooding in to help her cope and pursue her education. The many staff members of online news portal Free Malaysia Today (FMT) also joined hands in this notion and contributed a significant amount of funds to her.

Free Malaysia Today (FMT)

Vicneswary’s overwhelmed mother, in tears stated that;

It’s been a very emotional time because before this when we needed help, nobody would even give us RM10. It was really embarrassing every time we had to ask for money. Every day when we prepare the cut fruits and sit at the stall waiting for customers, I wonder what I had done wrong

Meanwhile, Vicneswary always had other business plans to venture in to sustain herself and her family with such as making chapati wraps, but was kept on hold due to insufficient funds and financial crisis that plagued the family.

I can’t expect to halt the stall’s business just because we’re getting money. I’ve always had the idea to sell chapati wraps but I didn’t have the financial means to do so. Now I can!

Through the donations that came streaming down her path, the news reported by FMT has brought to light her situation. She is now free to start up her own chapati wrap business at the same time complete her degree and commence her masters in journalism.

Amazing on how our fellow Malaysians have come together immediately to help this young women complete her studies and lift the fate of her life and that of her family.

We wish you good luck and all the best on your future endeavors Vicneswary!

Source: Free Malaysia Today (FMT)