In an effort to return to our lives before the ‘new norm’ happened, many countries are finding new ways to push their respective economies up and running once again. Many industries worldwide have been severely impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that doesn’t seem to see no end.

However, the most essential element that we should all be baring at the back of our minds are the lives of the people that would be jeopardised in the war of bringing back business entities alive in an aim to pump up the economy once again.

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Many manufacturing and servicing sectors have long opened their gates, welcoming employees back to their respective jobs once again.

The result to this only drove the outbreak to spread through the entire nation like a blazing wildfire, shooting up the numbers of the cases everyday to an alarming 4 digits threatening the lives of many!

I personally think, enough is enough!

Let’s all take a moment and reminisce through the sacrifices and hard work shed by our fellow frontliners working day and night valuing life, sacrificing their own to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

They have worked till every bit of their soul for US, so we could stay at home with our loved one, ultimately sacrificing their own family time.

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Taking many matters in consideration, certain entities has to be up functioning out there to generate income to feed striving families alive. Be that as it may, opening movie theatres is like opening the COVID-19 virus with open hands to birth a massive cluster!

This plight was brought to the attention of many by a doctor in India, speaking on behalf of all the doctors in the world;

Opening up a space with an accumulation of big crowd in a confined closed space is only going to spike up the possibilities of another cluster! Yes, I agree, theaters do put up strict SOPs for the public to adhere, so did all the other retail outlets, gym, malls and residencies that are slowly closing down now due to positive COVID-19 cases reported at their premises.

Why the need to take a huge risk to watch a movie when you could do the same at the comforts of your own home, tucked in with your loved ones on the ever so available online platforms?

When you are out there, watching a movie with utmost joy, there is a doctor stuck in the emotions of worrying when they would be able to go home to their family and how to safe a life from the hands of COVID-19 putting their own lives at stake!

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Each passing day is like walking through the edge of a knife for all, surpassing the death rope of the deadly virus with thin slim chances and thanking God each day that it has not touched our dear ones.

Hopefully, authorities would be able to take matters with a better proactive approach, conspiring through consequences that shall be served upon us from this attempt.