The reverberation of the on-going Covid-19 pandemic has caused the entire nation to face a severe turmoil raging over the drastic effects brought by the Movement Control Order (MCO) while having no choice but to oblige with the ‘new normal’ enforced by the government.

The most effected from this devastating move is surely the layers of employers, employees and fellow students who are left in a complete limbo as to how life would take a toll now.

Many are still coming to terms on how to deal with disrupted plans, loss of income, a jeopardised health and overwhelming stress over the uncertainties of the future and what lies ahead in days.


Back to when Covid-19 was unheard of and seemed alien enough to us, the first days of school were always the most exciting start to the year. Uniforms and shoes were well ahead prepared a day before and we sleep with flutter of butterflies to the excitement and anticipation of meeting our friends the next day!

However, now the whole excitement has been waved away to a virtual beginning of the new norm schooling era where students sit in front of gadgets to attend their first day of school.

While MCO 2.0 is currently ongoing, the school session however must go on as classes have been allowed to resume back to normal.

The government has currently allowed students whom will be sitting for major exams this year such as Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), Sijil Vokasional Malaysia, Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia, Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM), Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia and Diploma Vokasional Malaysia to go back to school in order to complete their pending examinations that were put on hold in 2020.

Image Credit: Citizens Journal Malaysia

The news came as a shock to most students while the nation is still in the midst of fighting the Covid-19 outbreak that unfortunately has seen cases of infection rising in the last couple of weeks.

Many have also expressed their agony on social media platforms and even started a voting poll casting opinions on how the pandemic and online classes have had a major effect on their mental health. Thus, also expressing their unpreparedness to deal with a major exam anytime soon.

Hard core theoretical studies is definitely not easy to be learnt through the online platform. They need a classroom atmosphere where engaging with the teacher on a one-to-one session level, at the same time with their fellow classmates is vital and I must say crucial in order for these students to fully grasp the lesson.

While students have expressed their grouses, parents similarly are concerned for the well-being of the children by having them return to school just to complete an examination.

Among some of the concerns raised by both parties were on the need on having students return to their classrooms while exams can be conducted online, and the other pertinent question raised is why can’t the government give leniency to students by accepting the results of their trial exams as a basis for them to further their higher education.

Image Credit: New India Times

Agreed that both the government and parents want students to complete the pending exams that withheld them from continuing into their tertiary education. Many seem to weave off the presence of the deadly airborne virus, cause sending our kids out to face the public is merely equivalent to pushing them off a cliff and hoping they survive.

The only element put on stake presently in order for these students to complete their education is their LIFE!

I hope the authorities would take matters into series consideration in view of the students mental state and provide reasonable guidelines that go in-line with the grouses that have been raised by the students themselves. They represent a voice that must be heard and taken seriously. Aren’t they our future after all?

When it comes to one’s health and well-being, life shouldn’t be gambled away. Health is ultimately wealth. So, do the right thing! #NoSchool #SafeTheStudents