Valentine’s Day is idolised as an emblem of love to all forms of love existent on the surface of the earth. This special day of love is embraced in a myriad of ways these days, breaking the norms by expressing love between family members and friends, and not just for romantic couples. 

Taking this pandemic Valentine to a whole new level replenishing it with the veil of eternal love, renowned makeup artist Kannan Raajamanickam out does his magic again with the blushes of his makeup showcasing an astonishing Valentine’s day special by presenting Divine Radha!


Radha being the epitome of love and purity unfolds her eternal feelings towards Krishna, embellishing an utterly soul touching love story, cherished by many over thousands of years!

This concept was adorned perfectly by Pashini Sivakumar, elevating grace, stunning beauty and tranquility resembling Radha to utter perfection. She was draped in sheer elegance from none other than the finest pioneers of Kanjivaram in Malaysia, by Pattushastra elongating her whole look with simplicity yet with an opulent of style.

The pictures have been curated beyond perfection by Image Hunter doing absolute justice to Radha’s looks. This entire project is surely a mind blowing piece of work!

Truly a stunning job done Kannan Raajamanickam!