Navamalar a full-time practicing lawyer at Messrs Navamalar & Partners for over 14 years, is a good samaritan that has ventured into catering home-cooked meals for COVID-19 patients at hospitals, utterly to fix their cravings whilst being quarantined.

Navamalar named her venture D’ Warren Kitzhen and officially launched it at the end of January 2021. 

Her highly noble-minded doing has gained a huge reach among localities applauding her stupendous courage to feed the patients overtaking the fear of contracting the deadly virus.


The poignant moment when caters contemplated and denied Navamalar’s orders for idlies due to her mother’s cravings while battling stage 3 of COVID in the hospital was an unforgettable moment for Navamalar.

We were admitted to the Sungai Buloh Hospital. My mum who was at Stage 3 of the virus was craving for idli so even though I was stuck in hospital, I reached out to a few home cooks and asked if they could deliver 20 to 25 pieces to us.

Most local caters denied her personal request petrified if they will be infected by the virus if they delivered food to the quarantine center at the hospital.

That’s the moment where it lit the flame of motive for Navamalar to start-up this catering venture to begin delivering meals at hospitals for quarantine patients.

Cooking has always been my passion. As a young girl, I watched my grandmother and mother make the most amazing dishes and I followed suit ever since the age of 12.

Still, before her entire family was afflicted with the virus in October of last year, starting a catering company and cooking for Covid-19 patients was never on her mind.

During the early stages, she used to just cook meals for her friends that were quarantined at Covid centers. Navamalar cooks all kinds of dishes they crave, specifically cooking spicy and savory food due to the loss of taste and smell.

After cooking up a storm, I realised I could do this for other patients craving home-cooked food at a reasonable price.

Since she has quite the experience with the whole Covid-19 hospitalisation process, she understood how to get food to patients at the quarantine centers and patients declared Person Under Investigation (PUI).

That’s how her name became renowned in town when she began catering to COVID-19 patients.

Dishes that are often predominantly liked by her customers are dhall, fish curry, and ikan bilis sambal, A Malaysian all-time favored comfort food!

Being a mother, a lawyer, and the owner of the D’Warren Kitzhen is no easy process, and Navamalar says she could not have done it without the assistance of her family and friends.

Navamalar is known for more than just cooking and delivering meals to patients now. She has also started supplying medicine and groceries to people who are under quarantine at home, and she cooks for front liners and charitable organisations.

I supply food to frontliners and fulfill private orders mostly on weekends, but my service and food are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for Covid-19 and PUI patients.

Navamalar has broadened her horizons to cooking for humanitarian groups and thanks to the privilege granted to her from her firm, she is able to work from home while multitasking on these multiple humanitarian deeds she has stepped on. 

Reaching out to many, extending a helping hand to all those in need whilst juggling multiple hats on a daily basis, Navamalar quotes that none of this would have ever been possible without the help of her family, son, and friends.

My family is my backbone, my son does the groceries and helps me out in the kitchen, my sister helps me with the orders before she heads to work and my father helps by cleaning the dishes.

Embracing the challenges as a team, Navamalar now gains a huge amount of support from netizens purely due to the ebullient energy and effort she takes to help our COVID patients!

Truly remarkable Navamalar!

Feature Image Credit: Free Malaysia Today (FMT)