Picture credit: Sundari Bakes & Bites Official Instagram Account

These days, cake baking has become a very common alternative or part-time job for many people, particularly during this pandemic that has caused more instability than we could have envisioned.

Picture credit: Sundri Bakes & Bites Official Instagram Account

As a matter of fact, I believe that this baking business has its own competition. But, as the saying goes, “in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different,” someone should make an impression like no other to clinch the position at first.

Meet Sundari Ramesh, also known for Sundri Bakes & Bites, who is a great example of the assertion.


the cake is just stunning, isn’t it!

Her passion for baking did not grow overnight. Her interest in baking began when she was a teenager. Then, when she was working as a Human Resources manager, she took in some baking orders during her spare time.

However, it was in 1997 that she made the firm decision to indulge her passion for baking and decorating cakes under the name of ‘Sundri Bakes & Bites.’ Leaving a firm where she had worked for 26 years must have been a major life decision for her.

Thus, she needed to fine-tune her baking and decorating skills in order for her baking to become a reliable sole source of income for herself.

Aside from her well-known saree-themed cakes, she also creates outstanding cake designs that leave you wondering, “How on earth is this cake even done?”

She specializes in contemporary and custom-designed cakes, cookies, and desserts. She is always ready to face new challenges when it comes to baking cakes for special occasions, and she aims for perfection with each cake to make it a spotlight for guests to admire and savour.

Picture credit: Sundari Bakes & Bites Official Instagram Account

She crafted a saree-themed cake as part of her search for perfection. In early 2017, it became a trend and went viral on Facebook.

Her milestones in her passion have been featured on numerous platforms, including Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, Negeri Sembilan as an inspiration to other home bakers.

She is a firm believer that the experience she has acquired over the years should be shared with others. This thought inspired her to teach baking and decorating techniques, as well as her famous saree design cakes.

Picture credit: Sundari Bakes & Bites Official Instagram Account

Sundari has inspired, mentored, and trained nearly 400 bakers. It is heartening to know that during the MCO span, more than 70% of her students started their home baking business immediately after her training and have added a secondary source of income.

It’s truly remarkable how much of a difference her expertise has made in the lives of her students. It is said that if you have the knowledge, you should allow others to light their candles in it. Sundari seems to be a major fan of that expression.

Inspired to get in touch with her to have amazing training on baking and decorating techniques? Or do you have an upcoming event that needs a show-stopping gaze from the visitors? Visit Sundri Bakes & Bites’ Instagram and Facebook pages right now!