We all know how this pandemic has turned our lives upside down, making the already  challenging life, even more treacherous. But, thank goodness, the government’s constraints are lenient enough to allow some of us to return to work.

While some are at the mercy of that leniency, many others are still suffering from the consequences of the pandemic and have yet to return to normal life. Among them are the “growing make up artist” community.

Those “growing make-up artists” are at stake of throwing away their make up products as they have dried out from lack of use over the course of a year.

Picture credit: Shan De Souza Official Instagram

Taking these factors into account, a well-known makeup artist, Shan De Souza, who has worked with a variety of Malaysian celebrities and Astro Programs, has come up with an online contest called #BRUSHUPCHALLENGE for all makeup artists struggling in their trade.

Gunavathy, a talented film makeup artist trained by Finas, Melissa Riisa Ong, a special effect makeup artist and the contest’s organiser, Shan De Souza, a certified hairstylist and celebrity make up artist, are among the judges for the online #brushupchallenge.

The participants in the first round of this contest had to do a makeover based on the theme “Human Skull,” and 13 contestants were shortlisted.

The theme for the next round have yet to be unveiled. For one to be shortlisted, each participant will be judged based on their creativity, overall presentation, blending techniques, colour choice, and originality.

Among the 13 contestants, 9 will be selected to go to the 2nd round of the #BRUSHUPCHALLENGE

Picture credit: Shan De Souza Official Instagram

He says;

Since most of their make-up items have dried up due to the pandemic, most of them have been unable to even do a sample makeover.

This is the driving force behind this challenge. In order for them to be able to establish this look before their make-up products go to waste.

The winner will receive a trophy, a certificate, an RM1000 cash reward, and a make-up tutorial.

In addition to conventional bridal makeup, makeup artists are capable of making something exceptionally unique, perhaps launching a great career in the various forms of makeup and styling ventures. 

In this online contest, contestants will be able to use their creative skills to create makeovers that are not just aesthetically appealing but also out of the ordinary.

He further said;

We’re working on new initiatives to assist even more makeup artists. I was able to start this contest with the aid of a few of my friends. Thank you to those who took the time to participate and dive into the realm of make-up artist possibilities.

This competition isn’t just about using up their make-up products and winning a cash prize; it’s also about pushing the make-up artist and giving them more chances to shine and get their careers up and going strong in the midst of such dire times.

The possibilities are endless!