“Many people ask me, what do I do if my parents just aren’t supportive of my passion for art? I tell them, if you can’t convince your parents, prove it to them. Work hard and prove it to them,”

Artist Mona KV was lucky enough to have supportive parents. But she has seen many potential artists giving up on their passion, because they are unable to acquire the family support. “Don’t ever give up on your passion,” she tells us, during a short interview with Varnam.

Mona is one of the few full time Malaysian Indian female artists. She has exhibited locally and internationally, and has worked under renowned Malaysian artists like Maamor Jantan and Jeganathan Ramachandram.


She talks about her journey in pursuing art as a career, in spite of hailing from a science background in secondary school, as well as the hurdles she encountered along the way. Check out Mona’s full interview here:

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