With Fathers Day coming up tomorrow, you’ve either planned ahead or a last minute person who is still thinking of what to do tomorrow.

Fret not, we’ve racked our brains to come up with a list of great gifts that every dad will surely appreciate.


Banana Leaf Meal 

Does Appa love banana leaf meals? Of course he does. Take him for a banana leaf meal treat and let him enjoy the scrumptous array of dishes laid out for him. There’s no doubt he’ll absolutely love it.

Subscribe to Simply South

Spend some time with your dad by subscribing to media platform Simply South. After all, what better way to spend a Sunday than by binging on Tamil films? There are so many films on there for you to choose from!

Beer Bouquet 

Appas who love beer will adore this idea. It could be craft beers too. Best part? He’ll be motivated to get started as soon as he opens this gift.

Copper Bottle

Let your dad know how much you care about him by gifting a copper bottle. The health benefits of water from a copper vessel are known to all of us. What better way to keep those traditions alive?

Homemade Cakes

Lean into dad’s sweet tooth this year with cakes that he won’t able to resist. Make sure you know Appa’s favourite flavour before baking! Best of all, the homemade treats are the sweetest gifts you can give your dad because they’re all made with love.

We’re sure you’ll find gifts that surprise and delight Appa today. Happy Fathers Day from the Varnam team.