Our Indian society has always been well-known to have a deep-rooted fixation with fair skin. Colour has always been the measuring tape to measure the beauty or personality of a person.

Rames Harikrishnasamy a self taught digital artist in Malaysia, creats his masterpieces inspired from his daily life experiences.

Rames Harikrishnasamy an eminent digital storyteller has taken to his social media platform to enlighten and share his thoughts on colourism. He took to his Instagram handle by creating an exquisite art work featuring the Indian Goddess in different skin colours.

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#conceptart: Beauty Has No Skin Tone. It comes from the inside ❤️👩🏻👩🏽👩🏾👩🏿 #StopColourism. . . Sadly Indian society still believes skin colour determines a person's worth 🤦🏽‍♂️. India's obsession with fair skin is well known and deep-rooted. Remember your skin colour doesn’t define YOU – Your actions in life & your choices are what define YOU. In the end We All Are Human 🙌🏽 . . Even our Goddesses has extremely different skin tones ❤️☺️. So embrace your beauty. Be BRAVE, Be BOLD, Be YOU 😊🌺. . . Here’s my artwork of Goddesses standing together 💙. Each one of them are unique not because of their skin colour but who they are 🙏🏽✨. From left, featuring Goddess Kali, Goddess Meenakshi, Goddess Durga and Goddess Saraswati 💛. . . In this artwork Goddess Saraswati (God of Knowledge and Learning) is portrayed in a beautiful dark skinned colour because I believe education is the main root cause of this issue and it is important to educate our children in their early years on colour discrimination 💚☺️. . . So the next time you feel, you need to be fair OR anyone else points out on your skin colour, think about it, do you really need it to be happy? Definitely NO ✋🏼. . . #unfairandlovely #equality #endcolorism

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His art work is a beautiful resemblance that, our Indian goddesses come in different skin tones, yet we are devoted to them regardless of their colour. His art work significantly and profoundly encourages us to embrace the colour of our skin and not criticise each other based on our skin complexion.

Regrettably in the Indian culture till this very day, a person’s value and character is defined through the colour of their skin. The fairer you are, the more beautiful you appear to be in society. 

We being Indians, this has been a very prevalent belief that has been embedded in our society through generations, scripted into movies and even in our ancient chronicle stories like Mahabharatham, where a good person is always portrayed to be fair with a flamboyant personality, whereas a dark skinned person is shown as the villain with evil and bad intention.

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Hey all! Here is the 2/4 parts of the mini collaboration that I am working with Z by HP! . Boom! I’ve added some accessories that you’ve voted for 😁🙌🏽. Here’s what I like most creating on the ZBook, it allows me to pinch the screen and zoom as close as possible to the areas that I want to edit seamlessly. The performance and responsiveness are freaking epic 🤯. . . To remove the background from any objects, simply press “W”. Then, on the top bar, simply press “Select Subject” and mask it! It is that easy 👍🏽. Also, I am sure you’re wondering how I added the armour to #LordMurugan 😇. Well, first you just need to import your preferred image into #Photoshop. After that, go to edit> Transform> Warp tool to manually click the dotted lines and transform the image according to your preference. You can also apply the same technique on clothing and stuff 🙂. . . Stay tuned for the next part, I'll be working on the colour correction! 😇🌟 . . #ZbyHP #ZBookStudiox360 #HPMY

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All his artwork is done using his digital tool, under the platform of photoshop where his magic digital creations are made. His masterpiece on colourism has garnered up to 30,600 likes across social media, reaching out to a large community pouring out their thoughts and personal opinions in his comment section. His personal account has over 116 thousand followers from all walks of life.

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My biggest accomplishment! ☺️❤️ . . Long time ago, when I started designing, AdobeMAX was one of the creative conference that I looked forward to watch online together with my fellow designers. The opening presentation is one of the most epic moment that I would never miss. Morphing of those colourful 3D graphics and arts brings so much of joy to my eyes ☺️❤️. . . In 2017, Adobe (SEA) contacted me to inform that they wanted to appoint me as one of their Adobe Creative influencer (Malaysia) and ever since then, my life change tremendously. They sponsored trip to Las Vegas, US and let me watch the show LIVE just 2 rows from the main stage (I am having goosebumps while typing this ☺️). And in 2018 and 2019 I was invited to attend the same event in Los Angeles. It’s more than just dream come true ❤️. . . And this year, I am beyond thrilled to share with you all that, Adobe has invited to be one of the Speaker to share some of my most favourite techniques in Photoshop 😊💙. This year’s event is going to be virtual and completely free! Do sign up at https://max.adobe.com and register for my class. I can promise you that you’ll be blown away with the tips that I will be sharing during the demo! 😊❤️. I want to thank Adobe for this big opportunity and I hope to see you guys there 😁 #adobemax #photoshop

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Now, he is also one of the speaker for Adobe, invited to share his mind blowing techniques used in photoshop to create his artwork. Rames is the real epitome of success to be looked upon and embraced!

Rames, in excitement promises an eventful day of tips that he will be sharing during the demo. Viewers will be inspired by his ingenious, visionary and insightful creations.

If I were you, I would take this chance and sign up for the workshop!