India and Nepal are believed to be the biggest hub for human skin trafficking around the world. Villages like Kabrepalanchowk, Nuwakot, Sindhupalchowk in Nepal have become more like a ‘Body Organ Farm’ for traffickers. Human skin is in great demand. A 100-inch square piece of fair skin is estimated to be priced for RM 2836.09 to RM 56721.72 in Delhi and Mumbai.

Similar to sex slavery, human skin trafficking has been going on for a long time. Plastic surgery is an age-old, but the increasing demand for smooth, white, spotless, perfect, porcelain-like, sparkling skin has driven the growing illegal trade of skin in India.

The cosmetic surgery market is growing in India. The skin is confiscated from the victims in India and Nepal and apparently smuggled to pathology laboratories in India where it is processed and shipped to corporations in the United States that import skin and tissue-derived items for the global plastic surgery market. That’s how the demand for human skin trade is operating.

Source: Sindhubaadh movie

Young girls from poor villages are drawn to skin dealers in vast numbers, looking for a better future. The skin is then secretly trafficked over the border and sold to other nations. The young women are offered a different price based on their skin colour, age, and virginity. A young and fair skin girl is worth millions.

Many people willingly offer some of their skin for a cheap price in order to survive. But then, this money is also exhausted in a few days. The most disturbing truth regarding this trade-in skin is that the skin tissues are always removed from these unfortunate women’s bodies without them being aware of it!

Source: Sindhubaadh movie

Girls in the brothel are sedated for an underlying reason that the customer wishes to pursue wild physical fetishes on them. Instead their skin tissues are ripped away from their backs and limbs as they are tied to a bed during their unconsciousness. Hence, they are forced to sign papers as evidence that they voluntarily donated their skin. Oh, how they were fooled!

Source: Sindhubaadh movie

The women sometimes misinterpret the scars on their faces as the consequence of their client’s sexual behaviour. Unbeknown to them, they have just been stripped off their skin for the illegal skin market.

Upon noticeable disfigurement, their worth declines in the flesh business and they have to serve clients for a small price per session, while their more ‘beautiful’ colleagues earn better per session.

Despite this, domestic and foreign legislation remains in force seeking to clamp down on human trade. Nevertheless, extreme poverty is the ultimate cause of trafficking. The fight against poverty must be first and foremost dealt with in order to rid off the human trafficking trade. However, this remains a far cry away.

Inhumane torture on these vulnerable women is evil! So the rich could have the privilege to boast fake implants? As the Christian proverb goes:For what profits a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul” is a manifestation of those who cause harm towards another for the purpose of satisfying their own gullible desires.