The rich culinary heritage of our nation has led us to relish and enjoy different kinds of vegetables and fruits, contributing to many health advantages. One such amazing vegetable that is greatly valued is drumstick or moringa oleifera.

Moringa got its name from the Tamil term, murungai, denotes a twisted seed. This traditional vegetable has been commonly used in Indian cuisine dishes for over a hundred years. If it’s in sambhar (dhall) or some meat curry, soups, pickles, the drumstick renders its unique flavour to the dishes.


1Reaffirms bone strength

Moringa, which is an excellent supply of important minerals, calcium, iron, and phosphorus, reinforces bones in developing babies. Regular consumption of moringa to the diet frequently improves bone integrity in older people and eases the effects of osteoporosis. Effective anti-inflammatory properties of the moringa are useful in the diagnosis of inflammation and the recovery of mild bone fractures.

2Strengthens immune system

Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, moringa helps battle chronic colds, pneumonia and stave off a variety of other illnesses. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects of the moringa tend to reduce the signs of asthma, cough, wheezing, and other respiratory disorders. For instant relief from the common cough and other diseases, enjoy moringa soup to improve the immune system and keep diseases at bay.

3Handles hypertension

The benefit of the bio active substances niazimicin and isothiocyaate in the moringa tends to prevent the thickening of the arteries and decreases the risk of experiencing elevated blood pressure. The rich antioxidant composition of the moringa increases the supply of blood and nutrients to the heart, thereby controlling hypertension.

4Kidney health

Daily addition of moringa to the diet can help to reduce the production of stones in the kidney and bladder. The existence of a good amount of antioxidants can help to eliminate toxins from the kidneys.

5Enhances the effectiveness of the liver

The liver is the essential organ responsible for flushing contaminants out of the body and assisting the gall bladder in bile secretion. The hepatoprotective role of the moringa defends the liver from unhealthy toxins. Moringa promotes the development of glutathione-antioxidants believed to combat free radicals that raise the tension on the liver. The moringa is useful in defending the liver from harm done by anti-tuberculosis medications and speeds up the recovery phase.

6Avoid infection

The strong anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the moringa are important in the prevention of E.coli, salmonella and Rhizopus. The superior antibacterial profile of the moringa is helpful in the prevention of infections of the mouth, chest, and neck. Moringa produces a potent antioxidant that is important in the treatment of tuberculosis. This is also useful in the diagnosis of fungal skin diseases.

7Controls diabetes

Moringa, which are naturally low in calories and are heaped with vital nutrients, vitamins, and fibers, tend to dramatically decrease blood sugar spikes. Many studies have shown that the plant compound isothiocyanates in moringa are successful in decreasing weight, increasing glucose tolerance, and controlling blood sugar rates.

8Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Moringa comes with a nutritional boost, such as vitamins A, C, K, B and minerals-iron, calcium and magnesium, and a strong source of fiber and protein, both of which are important to the general well-being of pregnant women. Adding moringa in the diet can help pregnant women to combat symptoms of morning sickness and make them feel energetic. The abundance of folate in the moringa may reduce the risk of spina bifida from developing a neural tubal defect that can contribute to severe birth defects in the foetus. Moringa leaves juice mixed with ghee is offered to women after birth, which increases the secretion of breast milk.

9Enhances the protection of the skin

Moringa is now a common ingredient in most beauty products that support skin glow and safety due to its excellent nutritional profile. Moringa extracts have moisturising and purifying properties that reduce the adverse effects of toxins on the skin.

10To boost sperm count and stamina

Moringa is a highly valued crop because of its tremendous nutrient quality. This is a time-tested treatment for enhancing health and sexual vigour. Moringa has aphrodisiac effects that help improve libido and cure erectile dysfunction. Moringa demonstrated impressive aphrodisiac properties and increases testosterone rates, increasing sexual vitality, and libido. Ayurveda suggests using moringa flowers to boost sperm production.