The ones we’re closest to generally realise how we feel about them, but that doesn’t imply they don’t need or deserve to be shown love and care every once in a while. Sadly, getting comfortable in a partnership of any kind can mean not always trying to do that regularly.

Nonetheless, there is something worth prioritising for both friends, family, and significant others who are specially termed as our ‘loved ones’. And, if you’re not an inherently expressive person and prefer to keep your love and affection hidden, you have not much of a choice but try to be imaginative on how to articulate yourself well to the one you love. Hence, these five suggestions may help you in demonstrating endearment to another.


1Spend your precious time with them

Time and tide waits for no man. Yes, we are all busy folks, juggling life with daily challenges is no easy task. When the sun sets, most of us are burnout. But, when your life consists of the people you love, spending some time with them is of equal and great importance. So take some precious time to have a meal together, communicate with each other or even spend some time watching your favourite show on TV or NETFLIX for that matter.

2Express your feelings to them by using their language of love

Have you heard of the book “The Five Languages of Love?” Try getting your hands on the book and it could help you in becoming a game-changer in maintaining and strengthening your relationships. The book discusses on the importance of learning the language of love between you and the other person.

The book details about love. So what’s the expression of love?

It’s how you give and receive love as an individual. There are five languages of love according to the book: expressions of praise, quality time, presents, acts of support, and physical contact. A worthwhile book to invest in!

3Go for a walk together 

If you have a dog, you can always tag it along, which is a bonus. Choose a road or path in your neighbourhood and, if you may, make it a weekly routine. Taking walks with your loved one can help you both form a deeper relationship. Walking not only helps you maintain good health and that of your dog too, but also allows you to spend some quality time with the person you care about. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to sit down at a nearby park and extend that bonding time.

4Little moments of affection

Even if you or your companion or loved one may not give or accept warmth through physical contact, brief moments of intimacy may have a great effect. Holding hands while going on a stroll or giving a massage, these tiny moments add up. I know, we’re all human, so often a spontaneous act of love (in public or at home, wherever else you are) goes a long way.

5Simple but valuable presents and gifts

It’s just a simple way to let them know that you’re thinking about them and that you’re sending your love. Action often speaks louder than words. Words are mere, but showing love can do wonders. Send a card to your loved one. The one on the receiving end will be certainly touched by your act. A personal note in the card goes a long way for one to maintain a healthy relationship.

How do you show the ones you care for that you value them? I think every partnership (friendship or otherwise) has its special features and creative ways to maintain the spark. Hopefully this article is of great help to you. The points above can be used as a guide, however, it could always be improvised with your own ideas on ways to show love.