Earlier this week, Blush beauty & beyond worked with Reiywathi Thilakaraja, an extraordinary soul with a beautiful spirit. She’s a bold girl born with rare deformities.


As we all know, Blush beauty & beyond is run by a couple who are both in the medical profession respectively as a doctor and dentist. This led them to enquire more about Reiywathi‘s deformities in depth.

“Reiy has been dealing with a rare genetic disorder since she was born. This craniofacial deformity is characterised by disfiguring the nose, the forehead, and sometimes the limbs. Luckily, she is physically normal, but unfortunately, Reiy’s left eye is completely blind,” said the couple.

Because of her physical appearance, she has endured criticism, having been pocked fun of and bullying all her life. She was mercilessly mocked by other children who called her names you wouldn’t even want to know. 

In spite of all those Harsh words, she picked herself up, gathered her confidence and led a great life. She still puts on her sweet, optimistic smile and faces the world with so much bravery.

Reiywathi is a model, works as an administrator, and is now engaged to a lovely gentleman. She was also the finalist for Miss Saree Malaysia 2016.

Her life and hardships are a great inspiration to all of us. Every negativity and challenge she faces has only fuelled her to fight back strong.

Many out there who hurled words at her are certainly still trapped in their own negative thoughts that they can’t see a girl like Reiywathi thriving massively in life.

There’s a phrase that says, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all,” because this world has enough toxicity. We don’t need to ignite it any more.

And to those who say mean and nasty things on the internet, please taste your words before you spit them out. You wouldn’t know how your cruel words could lead to the suffering of others. Be kind, its the least you could do!