Whenever Deepavali kicks in we all know what’s coming next. Any guesses, huh? Well if you’re thinking about Deepavali advertisements, you’re close, but you’re wrong.

I’m talking about Deepavali songs folks! 

Advertisements during Deepavali are very popular, and almost everyone waits for it and for many, Petronas Deepavali advertisements have been epic! Don’t you miss their poignant and message-filled Deepavali advertisements?


I sure do, and my favourite of all their ads would be ‘Boyz In Da Hood.’ How many of you remember this? I can see hands waving at me, haha..

Despite receiving Deepavali advertisements that are really sentimental and come with strong moral values at the end, Deepavali songs truly lighten up the atmosphere and boost our moods to celebrate.

On that list, let’s take a look at some of our favourite Deepavali songs of all time. This collection includes old Deepavali songs as well as the most recent ones.

1Astro Ulagam Deepavali Song

It’s been eight years since the song was released by Astro Ulagam, but it’s still one of our favourite Deepavali tracks. It’s a two-minute long music video that just fuels our entire Deepavali mood and is sung by the 2012 Vaanavil Superstar Singers.

2Manggala Oli Veesum Deepavali

A Deepavali song beautifully sung by Sharanya Jegathesan, Suganya Laxshmi, Michael Rao, Kumaresh, Suresh Rogen, Manser Singh and composed by Suresh Rogen and Manser Singh in 2013. This song is penned by the composer himself, Suresh. Vannam TV Malaysia produced the music video in 2017.

3Deepavali Vizhuthugal 2016

This Deepavali song has a number of video versions. This happens to be the first edition of it with all of its singers; Gayathri Thandapany, Logeshwaran, Hariharan, Hashmitha Selvam, and Sivaguru alongside Vizhuthugal’s 2016 announcers.

4Adavadi Deepavali

This song originated from last year’s Deepavali Astro series called Adavadi Deepavali. It’s about newly married husbands who are planning on spending their ‘Thala Deepavali’ at the  expense of their father-in-laws. This song also features the famed Darkey with his ‘Darkey style’.

5Punnagai Deepavali

This year’s Astro Ulagam Deepavali song is Punnagai Deepavali which features Psychomantra, Datin Sri Shaila Nair, Balan Kash, Shastan Kurup, Kumaresh, Hashmitha Selvam, Punitha Raja, Yunohoo, Santesh Kumar and Denes Kumar. This vividly colourful music video is composed by Shameshan Manimaran and written by KO Sesha, Denes Kumar, Balan Kashmir, Santesh, Pschomantra and Yunohoo.

6Oli Tharuvom-RTM Minnal FM

Oli Tharuvom is brought to you by RTM Minnal FM, sung by AK Shoun and Jaya Bharkavee Chandrad Rao. The soundtrack amplifies that this new normal Deepavali brings new beginnings with health and wealth. Listen to this fun, catchy and upbeat song.

7Petronas Deepavali song – Vattam

As mentioned at the beginning, Petronas ads have always had a special place in our hearts. Apart from the fun beat, this song lets us take a step back and reflect on a couple of things. All in all, this incredibly cute animation song demonstrates a great deal of effort by Petronas. 

All these songs give a special meaning to our Deepavali celebration. Without these songs, our Deepavali will never be complete. What’s your favourite song in the compilation above?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.