We Indians are quite well known for our culture, religion, the great epic called Bagavadh Gita, as well as for some of our odd habits that others find amusing. Most of these habits are inherited from our parents. 

However, we can’t ignore the fact that certain things are just in our blood, and we can’t do anything besides laughing about it

Here are some of the crazy Indian habits which we can relate to;


Filling water in an almost empty shampoo or body wash bottle 


Who said we can’t use the last bit of our shampoo? The Indians have a way to use it. Just fill the bottle with a little water and you can use the shampoo for the next 2 weeks or a month. (a hint of sarcasm)

Cutting the toothpaste


You think you have squeezed out all the paste from that? Oh no, when you cut the toothpaste, you’ll definitely find some paste worth a couple of days before you buy a new one. Nothing will ever simply go into the dustbin unless it can’t really be used.

Old soap at the top of new soap


When the rest of the world feels the shrunken soap shouldn’t be used, we Indians place that soap on the top of the fresh soap and reuse it. Well that doesn’t mean we Indians are very stingy. No, not at all. We just have the ability to use things to its maximum life span.

The Tupperware collection


Sometimes, we have simply no idea why so many containers are stacked up in the dish rack. Well, do you believe Indian mothers toss away the tupperware they get when they buy food from outside? Hardly ever. It’s all heading to the rack that might come in handy one fine day. Ever wondered when that day would come by? I often do.

Remote Control Slamming


So you think Indians change batteries when the remote control doesn’t work? Nope, we don’t. That isn’t how it works. Do you recall receiving a wonderful smack from your parents when you’re not behaving? This applies even to your remote control, my friend!

Old clothes become nightwear


Older clothes that are ripped or have holes are nice and soft enough to wear at home as night wear. You don’t have to waste your money on nightwear. Wise Indians huh?

Indians’ Bargaining Power


Who cares if it’s a fixed price pot? It is our responsibility as an Indian to bargain so that we can get the pot at a lower price.

There are two potential outcomes from this situation, either we’re going to be buddies with the seller, or we’re going to end up being enemies for not offering the price we want.

Accidentally stepping on someone’s feet is deemed to be disrespectful


And when that happens, we Indians will reach down to touch your feet in a way to seek forgiveness. Yes of course, we could say that we’re sorry verbally.

But no, this is perceived to be disrespecting the other person. And no, we don’t seek blessings when we do that. We only do that when we touch the feet of the elderly at festivals or occasions.

A maxed out refrigerator


Indian families always have a full fridge guys! So full, that when you open the fridge, food sometimes do fall out or worse spill over, well I’m not kidding, I’ve seen it!

We’ve dosa batter, garlic ginger paste, last night’s curry, marinated fish or chicken, and the rest of the world. 

Hat’s off to Indian mothers, because they’re the only ones who can arrange it right to fit all stuff inside. We aliens won’t be able to find space to store stuff inside the refrigerator.


Honestly, these are just a few of the many unique habits that we Indians have

So apart from the cultural side of ours, an Indian can be recognised and even stand out if they do practice one of those unique habits. Believe me, many reading this article themselves are also equally guilty of these habits. 

Are there any other strange funny habits that we skipped in the list? What’s your favourite in the list, though? Please share with us in our comment section below.