They say once you choose spicy food, you go insane. Zest your life (and diet) by eating your way through these Indian eateries in KL. Highlighting south and northern Indian food from the city, we scoured the streets of KL to present you a delectable gathering of the best Sattisorru Claypot Curry Rice.

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Wondering where to go for your next culinary adventure?

Take a look at this roundup of Indian claypot rice restaurants that are both Instagrammable and palatable.

Seni Sattisorru Claypot Curry Rice in Brickfields
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Seni Sattissorru claypot curry rice packs their signature herbs with 15 different ingredients including fragrant spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and cumin which will leave your lips on a tingle and tongue on fire. Spoilt for choices? We suggest the chicken and mutton claypot rice mixed with an aromatic and fiery gravy.

Satti Sorru Indian Claypot Curry Rice in Pudu
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Would you dare yourself to a monitor lizard claypot curry rice?

If you say ‘yes’, this could be the right place for you to hunt for exotic fresh meat such as the monitor lizard and wild boar served to you in a claypot with sizzling hot curry rice. Cooked tenderly to perfection, this is not an acquired taste meant for everyone, but only for the dare devils and those seeking a full-throttle food adventure.

Spices Claypot Rice in Rawang

The long queues are worth bracing through before you get a chance to try out their signature dish claypot Chettinad chicken rice. Using spices and ingredients necessary for a good curry base, the south indian cooking style is obvious when savouring the most flavory dish made with chicken marinated with yogurt. You can choose you level of spice, either you go all out hot and spicy or a medium spicy level is good enough.

Spice Claypot Rice in Selayang

They’re unbeatable amongst all other dishes in the hearts of Sattisorru lovers!

The claypot rice is authentic, just like the ones you could get in India. This shop delivers curry rice cooked alongside nutritious vegetables on one side and succulent lamb bones on the other. The aroma of the curry itself would get you high!

Restoran Try To Eat, Rawang
Image Credit: Erisgoesto

Janagaraju Arumugam, the owner of the shop who has a deep passion for cooking . A mound of rice, lashings of rich soy sauce, and meats are cooked over a scorching charcoal fire, which intensifies the smoky taste, while the rice retains all of the wonderful flavors due to the moisture trapped within. It’s a hodgepodge paradise, done with spring onions and a crack of an egg. 

So, what are you waiting for? I know where I would be spending my weekend 😉

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