It’s always fun to listen to non-Malaysians speaking our national language. Nice in a way that makes us so happy and amused by the matter in which they speak the language with the uniqueness of their respective accents.

So, when Logesh Kumaar posted a video of him trying to challenge his American wife to communicate in Bahasa Malaysia for 24 hours, he quickly shared a snippet of his wife’s pronunciation on Twitter which went viral. 


In a two-minute 19-second snippet shared on Twitter, Logesh can be seen trying to convey the meaning of ‘kura-kura’ to his wife, Rachel Kumaar, without using any other language other than Malay.

His wife, Rachel, seems adorably confused and says how she just misses being able to talk to her husband, adding she’s sure all the Malaysians watching the video were possibly yelling at her through their screens.

In the end, Rachel manages to figure out what ‘kura-kura’ means making us cheer her on.    

Malaysians were impressed by Logesh’s fluent Bahasa Malaysia. The video eventually went viral In no time!

People on Twitter praised him for having a really good voice, as well as saying that he reminded them of the voice-over used in Malay translated National Geographic videos.

Having a conversation to TRP, Logesh, who was originally from Klang, Selangor, said that they began the 24-hour BM challenge for Rachel, who is an American from California, to continue learning Malay.

He stated that they had the idea of a challenge from their YouTube channel viewers, stating that he enjoyed speaking Malay for a whole day, because he doesn’t really get much opportunity to speak Malay in the United States.

He expressed that he loves to hear Rachel speak our national language, but admitted that it was frustrating at times and a little stressful in order to explain to her the meaning of certain words.

Rachel agreed with Logesh, saying she felt annoyed when she couldn’t understand anything in Malay. She said it was immensely gratifying, however, when she was able to understand what he said.

She also stated that the challenge motivated her to learn more of the Malay language. Now since his video has gone viral, Logesh encourages all Malaysians to embrace our beautiful language and culture.

He admitted he didn’t initially appreciate our culture until he moved abroad, which made him realise that he was proud of his background, heritage and nation. He is a proud Malaysian living abroad and very happy to share our country’s culture as much as he can.

Source: The Rakyat Post