Rudraksha mala prayer beads near Kathmandu Nepal.

Do you ever find people wearing a rudraksha on their necks or around their wrists? While some wear it just as an accessory as it looks cool nowadays, we should also know the reality that those beads are full of spiritual energy and have their own added value. 

The value of the bead is determined by the various colours, shapes, sizes and the number of cuts, called “mukhis”. In therapeutic purposes, this helps to determine its significance.


1One Mukhi Rudraksha 

This mukhi rudraksha can be used by those who want to beat a bad habit, although in addition to gland and brain disease, this can also cure diseases related to the digestive, respiratory and urinary system. Overall, this improves the mind’s powers, such as concentration and confidence. 

2Two Mukhi Rudraksha 

By avoiding conflicts and promoting good understanding, a two mukhi rudraksha helps bring harmony and peace in the family. It can also allow singles to quickly find their soulmate. Wearers can get rid of most of the deadly sins and diseases associated with memory, heart, liver, and breast loss.

3Three Mukhi Rudraksha  

This type symbolises the Hindu’s holy trinity and causes the wearer to grow spiritually. As it energises, those who suffer from low self-esteem and fears can wear it as it helps them to elevate their fears and have a higher esteem level. It encourages success, solves all problems in life and cures diseases related to women. 

4Four Mukhi Rudraksha 

This is for those who are involved in the profession associated with the mind as it symbolises Lord Brahma and the four vedas. Intelligence and the power of speech and creativity are increased by wearing this rudraksha. It is possible to treat memory loss, paralysis, mental problems and problems linked to stress.

5Five Mukhi Rudraksha

Among other varieties, this rudraksha bead is the most widely used. The five elements of nature are symbolised by this; fire, water, air, sky and earth. This rudraksha can help those who wish to spiritually meditate and grow. This rudraksha also fixes poverty, lack of memory and dreaded problems. 

6Six Mukhi Rudraksha

If you have anger, jealousy and mental excitement issues, this rudraksha will keep them under control. It enhances the vital aspects of the body as it remedies all the sins committed by a person and blesses the devotees with pleasure, comfort and happiness in life. This rudraksha is also useful to cure stammering problems.

7Seven mukhi rudraksha

This one is extremely auspicious. The seven rudraksha mukhi symbolise the seven divine rivers. With good health and wealth, the people who wear it will be blessed. Wearers are also protected from deadly sins and poisoning of all kinds. 

That’s not all, as we have a total of 21 mukhis to discover their true meanings. A rudraksha is some kind of armour that is beyond our hands against many things. But it is very essential to use the right kind of rudraksha according to one’s needs. 

>Part 2 to be continued on next week’s Sacred Monday Mornings. Stay tuned!

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