Rudraksha mala prayer beads near Kathmandu Nepal.

When it comes to Hinduism, rudraksha is a very deep sacred bead, and that is all because of the specific value held by each type of rudraksha. On the last sacred Monday morning, we learned about the first seven types of rudraksha.

Now, let’s go for the next seven types of rudraksha, shall we? 


1Eight Mukhi Rudraksha 

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This rudraksha represents the eight directions and eight kinds of spiritual powers or siddhis. This is considered a very lucky one because it simply gives the wearer prosperity, fame, qualities of leadership, artistic abilities, and control over the senses and mind.

2Nine Mukhi Rudraksha  

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This rudraksha is often said to be among the most rare beads. The wearer is set free and safeguarded from untimely passing and stress. It makes the user fearless, confident and courageous to easily face all life’s odds and emerge victorious. 

3Ten Mukhi Rudraksha  

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This type is unique because it brings the wearer many blessings, such as protection from the consequences of black magic, accidental deaths, and evil eyes, and perhaps rejoice the wearer with a child. The person can win cases to trial and argue in their pursuit. It can also be used by anyone with insomnia, restlessness, and hypertension.

4Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha

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In speech and developing great business, negotiation and intellectual skills, the wearer of this rudraksha can thrive. It heals blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and promotes life’s longevity and victory. It also improves the power of concentration and meditation. 

5Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha 

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As they attain the qualities of leadership, wealth and happiness, this rudraksha is ideal for politicians, administrators and leaders to wear. This bead also gives brilliance, allure and radiance to the wearer, apart from health therapeutics.

6Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha  

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All desires are fulfilled by the strongly mystical thirteen mukhi rudraksha and make the wearer intelligent, fearless and highly confident. Those who are looking for a happy family will benefit from this rudraksha very much. This can be worn by people who are involved in alchemy, research work and medicine to excel in their careers. 

7Fourteen Mukhi  Rudraksha 

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In thinking, one becomes sharp and grows strong to accomplish all of life’s cherished dreams. As shastras say that this particular type is generated directly from the third eye of Lord Shiva and is therefore very powerful, they get the power of judgement and develop a strong power of intuition.

Rudraksha is a bizarre tool because it releases your own energy for better well-being. But wait, there are seven more different types of rudraksha that we need to track on our next sacred Monday morning. 

Happy Monday Folks!