Picture credit: Raguvaran Official Instagram

Recently, a set of pictures were shared by a large number of people, causing it to go viral among Tamilians on Instagram stories. The picture depicted a groom serving tea to both his in-laws and the bride.

Picture credit: Raguvaran Official Instagram

It is said, a ‘groom seeing ceremony,’ is an extremely rare occurrence. 

In Hindu culture, there is a practice known as the “Bride Seeing Ceremony,” in which the groom’s family pays a visit to the bride’s home. When it comes to Hinduism, especially among Tamilians, it is one of the most important pre-wedding rituals.


Raguvaran also at the same time noted that he did attend the “Bride Seeing Ceremony” with his family before holding the “Groom Seeing Ceremony”.

Picture credit: Raguvaran Official Instagram

In spite of that, this man decided to break norms which has become the talk of the town among the Indian community. Raguvaran has made an exceptional change to the tradition or, in other words, improvised the ritual stating, “Any improvisations for the betterment should always be welcomed.”

We had the privilege of having a chat with the man behind this remarkable gesture ,Raguvaran, about His viral post.

He was kind enough to explain the story behind the whole groom-seeing ceremony, where he said this;

It was made for a fun scenario whereby I wanted to bring a meaning together for it too. I hope that I can inspire at least a few people out there.

Honestly, huge respect for his thought and gesture, as his act not only proves equality, but also shows how he treats a woman with kindness, respect and dignity at the same time making the ceremony as memorable as possible.

Raguvaran further said;

It should be a chain. If I inspired a few, the few would inspire others too. I hope that happens and our community will be a healthy one.💪🏾❤️

It would be beautiful if we adopt this form of  ‘improvisation’ in our culture, because it simply would show how the community is widely not just accepting but practicing equality today. 

Picture credit: Raguvaran Official Instagram

There is no such thing as “a groom should not serve coffee” and, in that case, Raguvaran has made a positive difference and set a good example to many.  

Into the bargain, equality is not just for women, it is for all. It’s about treating everyone equally regardless of who they are. 

So, let’s keep this going and if this beautiful motion can be practised, then why not? There’s nothing complicated about equality unless we make them.