Tamil school students have done us proud again!

Students from SJK (T) Tun Sambanthan Subang Jaya clinched two gold medals at the Eco-Green Technology Honourable Innovation Competition 2020 (E-THIC 20). They won the award for their brilliant invention called the ‘water leakage detector’ and ‘solar cooking stove’. The competition was held online due to the Covid-19 outbreak.


The outstanding and ingenious young ones invented the solar stove as it saves 80% of costs when compared to the Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) stove and also gives you a better and safer kitchen environment with zero air pollution. The stove uses a proprietary thermal storage unit that stores solar energy to be utilised within the next 72 hours. The technology allows stationary thermal energy storage in the kitchen and supports all types of cooking methods like roasting, baking, deep frying, and that too average three times a day.

Meanwhile, the water leakage detector was invented to detect the location of the leakage in a quick manner so that countermeasures can be introduced immediately. The technology can also be used for the surveillance of rooms, piping, and individual items. 

Despite facing various education challenges brought about by the global pandemic, these dedicated students went the extra mile, present along with blood, sweat and tears to invent something that would be of great use to society as a whole. Their hard work eventually paid off after bagging not one, but TWO gold medals in the competition!

The Eco-Green Technology Honourable Innovation Competition 2020 (E-THIC 20) is organised by a non-governmental organisation (NGO) Malaysian Conservation Ranger, solely based on environmental conservation.

We from team Varnam extend our hearty congratulations to the students who performed exceptionally well in the categories!

Keep making us proud kiddos! We always look forward to such brilliant minds.

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