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The birth of MATH ACE BOARDGAME is more than just a game for kids to enjoy their free time with their friends. It is more of a board game designed so that children don’t only play but also learn and remember things.
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If the pandemic has made our lives hard, it has made it even harder for those who do not have parents or family.

Gregory Dennis, a freelance graphic designer, hit rock bottom in the midst of the pandemic because many employers preferred hiring younger graphic designers.

The 59-year-old was then forced to do something unusual in order to deal with the unexpected change.


This new norm shuddered to a halt many of my projects. I had no choice but to reinvent my work (and life for that matter) to deal with this change.

That’s when Dennis came up with MATH ACE BOARDGAME, a game that children aged six to twelve can play. The game will ask 200 questions, all of which are related to the required subject knowledge.

Picture credit: Free Malaysia Today

He had this idea after being concerned about how children in orphanages and homes with limited education would take on knowledge, especially during a pandemic.

Maybe a fun board game would aid in the teaching and learning of subjects, particularly mathematics. They would be encouraged to play and learn together as a result of the interaction and inclusive participation.

After months of trial and error, I was able to create a prototype. Thanks to my acquaintances, who are professionals in the education industry, I was able to refine my idea and align it to the needs of the current primary school curriculum.

Dennis, who began his career in the 1990s, used to create edutainment programs for children in the late 1990s when CD-ROMs were the hot new technology, according to Free Malaysia Today.

He stated that his team at Articulate Designs pioneered interactive and colourful computer games that trained children’s memory and skills in subjects such as mathematics and English.

I stumbled upon an area that my talents and skills would come in handy in the field of education.

Many of his award-winning CD-ROM titles were sold in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Middle Eastern countries, and around.

However, he stated that much had changed since his golden years, with children preferring mobile and tablet screens to interactive and informative games.

He uploaded a video presentation of his idea, with the help of his brother to the REWARD pitchIN, a crowdfunding platform, where friends, family, and strangers helped raise a total of RM23,000 so he could manufacture the board game.

Picture credit: Ace Advance Games Website

Dennis went on to visit eight orphanages in the Klang Valley after printing his board game and distributing copies to the less fortunate.

He welcomes corporate funding for outreach programs that include more homes and orphanages.

He also said;

This is just the beginning of the ACE ADVANCE GAMES journey and as we grow with the continued support of the public, you can be rest assured of many more interesting products.

Orphanages interested in participating may contact him at +60 12 325 5032. His website currently sells MATH ACE BOARDGAMES.

Source: Free Malaysia Today