Calling all the young Malaysian songbirds! Vijay TV’s famed reality singing competition has reached Malaysian shores again. Super Singer Junior 7 will be holding auditions in Kuala Lumpur for next year’s show!

The audition will be held at Palace of the Golden Horses, The Mines on the 15th of December 2019 (Sunday) between 9 am and 5 pm. The Super Singer Junior 7 audition is open to Malaysian youngsters aged between 6 to 15 years of age.  

Pramila Rajagopal, Vice President Sales and Operations, Star Vijay Malaysia talks to us about the upcoming auditions.

Super Singer Junior is one of the most prestigious Tamil singing competitions for kids. The show not only nurtures the talents, but also polishes them, so that they are shine as stars in their own right. The talents on the show are unparalleled and we hope that a Malaysian makes the cut this time!”

The finalists of Super Singer Junior 6

Pramila talks to us about what the judges are looking for on the day of the auditions, “The audition is a platform for kids to showcase their vocal prowess and showmanship. We are looking forward to see some unique Malaysian talent on display during the auditions,”

This is the second time the Super Singer Junior auditions are being held in Kuala Lumpur. “Last year, more than 400 kids auditioned, out of which 35 were selected for the next round. Unfortunately, no Malaysian made it to the following stage,” Pramila tells us.

Nevertheless, she encourages kids who have auditioned last year to try again, “Some of the past Super Singer Junior contestants auditioned three or four times before they were selected. They went home and worked on themselves, particularly their singing and showmanship, before auditioning again the following year. They never stopped working on themselves, even after they had been picked,”

Hrithik Jayakish, the winner of Super Singer Junior 6 flanked by Super Singer seniors.

Kids with an edge are encouraged to participate, young rappers, for example. “It doesn’t have to be rapping per se. A child who can stand out in the crowd in terms of personality and vocal excellence will certainly have an advantage over the rest. We want the judges to fall in love with the child,” she tells us.

“A child who can stand out in the crowd in terms of personality and vocal excellence will certainly have an advantage over the rest,”

The kids auditioning will sing for a panel of three judges, who consist of former Super Singer talents, who are now successful playback singers. Pramila cannot reveal the big names just yet, but she is sure that the kids will be elated to perform for these singers.

Apart from that, the same production crew that works on Super Singer television show in Chennai will be flying down to Kuala Lumpur for the audition.

Singaporean crroner Soorya, the only contestant from our region at last year’s Super Singer Junior 6.

Pramila, on behalf of Vijay TV, also thanked the sponsors of the Super Singer Junior 7 auditions, “Enrico’s is the main sponsor for the audition. The event is powered by Pancha, and co-presented by Agenda Suria Convention Centre. Our event partner is Venus Production and our hospitality partner is Palace of the Golden Horses, KL. We are so grateful to all the sponsors who have come forward in search of Malaysia’s representatives for Super Singer Junior 7,”

As for her hopes when it comes to the show, she has this to say, “We hope that we can create another Malaysian icon who is an international Tamil star, just like Mugen Rao.”