Are you ready for an Indian wedding exhibition like no other? We aren’t talking about the run-of-the-mill expo with narrow pathways and multiple booths hawking the same wares. Namme Veetu Kalyanam Indian Wedding Expo 2020, organised by Asia Wedding Works is going to be a one of a kind wedding expo with more than 60 vendors under one roof!

Held from the 3rd to the 5th of January 2020 (Friday through Sunday) at Midlands Convention Centre, Shah Alam, this event is going to set the bar for Indian wedding expos.


Here are 6 reasons you NEED to attend this event, regardless if you are getting married!

1. Equal number of vendors per category

Finally, someone thought of this! How frustrating is it when you visit a wedding exhibition, and all you keep seeing are photographers and caterers and no other services? Namme Veetu Kalyanam guarantees that the number of vendors in each category is going to be perfectly balanced, so you won’t have an overdose of just one service.

2. Compare services from startups and pioneers in their fields

Namme Veetu Kalyanam will feature both young businesses as well as pioneers in various fields. So if you’d like to support an upcoming venture, this is the place to be. Those of you who would rather stick to the tried and tested brands, Namme Veetu Kalyanam has you covered too. Just make sure that you and your partner are on the same page!

3. Attractive vouchers await you

The organisers are going to sweeten the deal for couples visiting the expo! Visitors of Namme Veetu Kalyanam will stand a chance to receive vouchers from the vendors present at the event.

4. Wedding workshops galore

Namme Veetu Kalyanam has ventured into the land no Indian wedding expo has set foot in before. Workshops! A couple of the leading industry players are going to be conducting workshops pertaining to Indian weddings, for visitors of the expo.

There is going to be a one hour workshop on The Science Behind Hindu Wedding Rituals by Vickneswaran of VIP Studio.

Internationally acclaimed Malaysian makeup artist Jastina will also be at Namme Veetu Kalyanam. She will be helming a makeup workshop for all who are interested in the craft. Most brides-to-be would love this, as she will be talking about the type of makeup used for different events and how to best enhance each bride’s features.

Apart from that, Malaysian Indian Wedding Photographers & Videographers (MIWPV) will be holding a wedding photography exhibition, throughout the three days of Namme Veetu Kalyanam. Visitors will have a chance to peruse the work of the best Indian wedding photographers in Malaysia, and acquire some ideas for their pre-wedding and wedding photographs.

5. Super flexible timing

Namme Veetu Kalyanam caters for all versions of ‘Indian timing’ out there. Come on over even after your Friday night happy hour, as the expo is open from 11 am up until 12 midnight on all three days.

6. So much FREE parking!

Midlands Convention Centre is one of the most sought after event venues in the Klang Valley. Prepare to be greeted by plush surroundings in the with top notch interiors and facilities. The best part? More than 400 free parking bays! Wave goodbye to the hours of circling, looking for a car park.

Mark your calendars for the first weekend of 2020 for this very special Indian wedding expo. Are you ready for Namme Veetu Kalyanam?

For more information on Namme Veetu Kalyanam, check out their Instagram page here. If you’d like to sign up as a vendor, contact 016-944 9980 or email [email protected]