Would you like to see the big names in Malaysian Tamil music jam, live? What if we told you that you can even request your favourite songs, and they’ll perform it, off the cuff? Would you believe us if we told you that there will be Tamil stand up comedy too?

Malaysian Tamil music stalwarts Aanantha, Saran Narayanan and Lawrence Soosai are organising their first live show together, aptly titled Vaangga Jam Pannuvom on the 14th of December at Cinefest Centre Kuala Lumpur. 

Aanantha speaks to the Varnam team about his upcoming show.


“Saran, Lawrence and I go way back, and we decided to organise this laid-back jam session, with some really amazing tunes, and great Tamil stand up comedy,”


Hindra Bose will be hosting the event, and he will intersperse some comic relief throughout the show. “Hindra is one of the most talented Tamil stand up comics out there. His style is very chilled out, and he has the knack for making jokes about situations that he finds himself in. It comes really naturally to him, and I often find myself learning from him,” Aanantha divulges.

Interestingly, the organisers themselves feel that the stand up comedy element will be the climax of the show. “For the first time, a stand up comic will host the show. It is time people get a feel of something different, and I am sure that Hindra will be the highlight of Vaangga Jam Pannuvom,”

Lawrence Soosai

Lawrence Soosai will also be singing, Aanantha tells us. “He is a great singer, but he often prefers not to sing. In Vaangga Jam Pannuvom, however, he will be singing quite a few tracks. That’s going to be exciting, as you know what a rocker he can be when he is in his element,”


As for Aanantha himself, he gravitates towards semi classical songs, thanks to his Hindustani classical vocal training, “That is my favourite genre,” he says. Those who are lucky enough to have witnessed Aanantha perform can vouch for his incredible vocal range and ability to sing impromptu.

Saran Narayanan

Renowned singer and composer Saran Narayanan will be performing his numerous tunes live at Vaangga Jam Pannuvom. Having first made his name in Astro’s Paadal Thiran Potti, Saran has now built a brand for himself, with his company Opuz Entertainment that produces jingles and handles voice overs for advertising. His first love is composing, and he has produced many tracks for himself as well as local and international artists. His latest tune is the catchy Mothal.


The three singers will be joined by Shobana Padmanathan, a name that needs no introduction in the Temple of Fine Arts, “Shobana was featured in my previous show, Taen Sindhudhe Ragam, and from she moment belted out the first note, everyone was in awe,” Aanantha tells us. “I really cannot wait for her to perform, she is well versed in both the classical and western genres,”

The Jagats

Every Malaysian Tamil music fan’s favourite band, The Jagats, will be backing the vocalists throughout the show. There will be a few more big names who will be performing that night, but Aanantha doesn’t want to ruin the surprise for us just yet.

Ask, and you shall receive

Aanantha tells us that Vaangga Jam Pannuvom is also going to be an interactive live show. “We are going to be taking suggestions from the audience, and we will do our best to sing those tunes too, in addition to what we have rehearsed,” Now, that’s something you don’t hear every day!

Why organise, though?

“Watching the bigger concerts that have been held over the past few years have inspired us to come up with this event, actually,” Aanantha says. “In addition to that, our live band scene here has flourished because of the many joints that offer live music. We want to promote the younger talents and at the same time provide quality Tamil entertainment like no other,”

Aanantha’s voice lights up as he talks about what it all boils down to, “It goes without saying that this is our passion. We have always wanted to put our arrangements and talents out there. So we thought, let’s go for it and have a good time,”

It goes without saying that this is our passion. We have always wanted to put our arrangements and talents out there.

The spanking new venue exudes a feel good factor, according to Aanantha. “Cinefest Centre Kuala Lumpur is owned by Leon, who organsies the Cinefest awards. He has set up this space for Malaysian talents to conduct workshops or press conferences. It’s a really feel good kind of place, and we hope there are more shows there in the future,” Aanantha tells us. “Don’t worry, it’s on Waze!”

Attendees are in for a treat, as light refreshments will be provided. “It’s going to be a complete experience,” he promises.

“We just want to make Vaangga Jam Pannuvom a memorable event for all the Tamil music fans!” We have no doubt that you guys will, Aanantha.

Tickets for Vaangga Jam Pannuvom will be available at the venue. For inquiries, contact +6012 225 3033. Keep up with Aanantha on Instagram here.