Remember Whose Line Is It Anyway? Well, we now have a Malaysian Tamil version of this, aptly called Summa Potte Udde! This comedy improv live show will be held on the 31st of January 2020 from 8.30 pm at The Joke Factory, Publika.

Hosted by Suresh, this hilarious show promises oodles of laughs and creative jibes at the topics thrown by the audience. Featuring some big names like Hindra Bose, Dharshamini, Asu Raajan, Naresh and Pravina Ragu, Summa Potte Udde is going to set the bar for Malaysian Tamil comedy.


Tickets are priced at RM 40 if you’re not a last minute person, and RM 50 at the door, on the day of the event. Bring your friends, family and neighbour aunty to join the funny people at Summa Potte Udde!

To get your tickets to Summa Potte Udde, click here or WhatsApp +6014 923 6608.