No matter how many articles, podcasts, books or public awareness videos we come across, there’s always an ongoing issue about this unnecessary ‘beauty standards’. All of us know that these beauty standards are unrealistic and have nothing to do with how we ‘must’ look, perhaps they are purely just to aesthetically please the eyes of others

Many might think it is all due to the fashion industry that has set these high standards on beauty. Even if that statement is true, contradictory, some have also started to break stereotypes associated with beauty standards.


These select few are piercing through all kinds of stereotypes honestly. 

Having that said, we have Hariharan Arasu, a famous makeup artist who owns Ardana Haran Bridal which inception is to change one’s views on the ideal unrealistic beauty standards. Recently, he dolled up a bald girl despite it being a ‘taboo topic’. He believes that all women are beautiful no matter what.

Confidence is the best makeup that anyone can wear. And it is very clear from the photo above how wonderfully Sarah Pupalan displayed her courage and confidence. She just seemed so effortless and amazing.

This approach is an eye opening one to many. Women should love and accept their beauty.

“I’m too fat, I’m too short, I’m too thin, I’m too dark, I have scars, I have stretch-marks, I have wrinkles”, and so many more unfruitful words from women are just shattering our hearts.

Ladies, don’t you think you are beyond those statements above. Just think about it! If you don’t value yourself, who else will?

To others who love to tease people because they don’t meet the ‘unrealistic beauty standards’, you should all understand that no one is perfect. Better to have bodily defects than to have a bad heart, as James Ellis once claimed, “Better an ugly face than an ugly mind”.