I’m sure most of us would have drooled in awe and jealousy of our favorite actress’s style and attire, whilst postulating on its origin.

Samantha Akkineni, South Indian queen of fashion, avidly held the crown recognised as an exquisite beauty trailblazer in the hearts of many women across the globe!

She has now unleashed her own clothing line shipping worldwide for ladies out there to own her wardrobe has their very own!


Samantha Akkineni has now established her very own clothing line; Saaki.World

The poised actress is pretty acquainted tad a lot on how to daunt and dress for the red carpet, from frilled and layered gowns to cut-out, buttoned check pants.

As a result, all eyes from high and low were waiting in anticipation for Saaki.World, to touch down in their respective countries! 

According to Samantha Akkineni;

Every woman likes to dress up and wants to feel special. I have always wanted fashion accessible to everyone so they can celebrate their individual expression through fashion. For me, Saaki is a reflection of who I am, as I am.

And, for this prosperous Tamil new year, the label has curated a special showcase of ethnic clothing. Last year’s celebrations were stifled by the pandemic, and even in 2021, people are already intimidated by the prospect of lavish grandiosity.

Even so, this does not preclude you from putting your best foot forward when it falls to festive wear. 

Good news for many, we Malaysians can own it in our very own wardrobe!


Many local influencers are already striking their gram with glam and delight, adorning this stunning clothing line! Oh, I must tell you, the attires are absolutely fetching and elegant ladies!

Saaki.World comes with a diverse collection of ethnic, hybrid, and chic clothing able to cater to any woman’s desire.

Samantha Akkineni’s Saaki.World is a fashion exploration for the collective urban woman, inspired by our modern way of life and vibrant culture. The fashion line was birthed to empower and embrace our living through fashion in order to encourage, share, and thrill.

Come on ladies, grab ’em quick while their cool exciting sale is up on their online store NOW!