You read that right, Shankar and Rajinikanth’s newest serving, 2.0 will hit screens in exactly a month. 2.0 is the sequel to Enthiran and all it’s got us Thalaivar fans massively excited for the release. Here is everything you need to know about the movie!

We are 30 days away!

2.0 will hit the screens on the 29th of November, if everything goes smoothly. Big hits like these have been known to be delayed at the eleventh hour for some reason or another. In fact, 2.0 was initially to be released for Deepavali LAST YEAR! The producers then announced that the blockbuster will be delayed to January 2018 as they wanted to spend more time optimizing the visual effects of the film. After a few more delays, (one of which caused by Kaala‘s release) the 29th of November was set as 2.0‘s release date.


Chitti and Vasee will be back on screen

The 2.0 teaser released early last month confirms that we will be seeing Chitti the robot and his maker, Dr Vaseegaran on screen again. The story arc however, will be different. Following a revolt of mobile phones initiated by the baddie who resembles an evil bird, Dr Vaseegaran suggests to a panel of seemingly eminent people that Chitti is their only hope. Or so we think.

Akshay & Amy join Thalaivar

While we thought Aishwarya Rai did an impressive job as Sanaa in Enthiran, we are looking forward to see Rajinikanth team up with everyone’s favourite non Indian actress, Amy Jackson in 2.0. What can be more important to the Tamil audience other than an actress who’s, well, white? To add to that awesomeness, we have another non Tamil actor, Bollywood sensation Akshay Kumar joining the cast of this sci fi thriller as the villain. We cant help but wonder, whose lip syncing will be better, Akshay or Amy?

Most expensive Indian film ever made

Costing a whopping ₹543 Crore (RM309 million), 2.0  is touted to be the most expensive Indian movie ever. This surpasses Baahubali 2: The Conclusion, and is in fact, double of what the Prabas starrer cost. Lyca Productions, the same filmmakers of Vada Chennai and Chekka Chivantha Vaanam will be producing 2.0. More than 3000 technicians were involved with the making of this film, with the bulk of them poring over the visual effects of the movie.

Robots VS Humans?

A popular theme among movies depicting robots and more recently, artificial intelligence, we suspect the central theme of 2.0 is going to be a Robot VS Human one. The proof isn’t just in the pudding. In conjunction with his birthday last month, Akshay Kumar shared a poster of 2.0 on Instagram with the caption “Here’s a special birthday treat for all my fans. Sharing with you my most powerful character and one which has probably stayed with me for the longest time. I am the dark superhero for those who don’t have a voice! HUMANS BEWARE!!!”  The bad robot however, isn’t Chitti. He’s one of us, right?

The Mozart of Madras shines again

Credit: TheNewsMinute

While we have only heard two tracks so far, the soundtrack of 2.0  seems to have plenty to offer. A R Rahman has done it again, a true level up for Tamil music. In a recent interview, the music director assured the audience that climax of 2.0 is simply magnificent and fans would definitely love it.

Both Rajaali and Enthira Logathu Sunthariye have a very futuristic, catchy vibe to it and who better to bring Tamil songs to the next frontier but A R Rahman himself. Further dissecting the lyrics penned by Madhan Karky, Rajaali (meaning vulture) seems to be about a villain who is going to perish at the hands of the hero, whereas Enthira Logathu Sunthariye hints at two robots falling in love, as paradoxical as that sounds. Regardless, we cannot wait to put this 2.0‘s soundtrack on repeat once the full list of songs is out!

We are waiting for the release of 2.0 with bated breath. Until then, we will have to make do with this teaser. Fret not, another teaser will be released on November 3rd. Stay tuned for more updates on the blockbuster. Opening day Thalaivar party, anyone?