Disney characters have been reimagined in so many ways and expressed through art, makeup, photography and many other mediums. One such creative expression really caught our attention as beautiful Indian women posed as their favourite Disney characters, dressed in intricate Indian jewellery and lehengas from Arshatra Massakali.

The photo series is a brainchild of popular Malaysian photographer, Vickneswaran from VIP STUDIO, and the people behind Arshatra Massakali. The photo series features incredible artwork by LV Artistry, Shalu, Siew Kim Chai and Reena Shah, who worked their magic on models Mandeep Kaur, Dhiva Sakthi, Vanessa, Shalini Segaran, Bhogalakshmi, Punitha Ganesan, Anusha Naidu and Nisha.

The photo series was shot over the span of 8 months in multiple locations across Klang Valley and by Vickneswaran and his team, Thayalan Subramaniam (BTS Video) and Gunallan (Lighting Assistant).


Check out these awesome photos:

Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

Model: Bhogalakshmi | Makeup: LV Artistry

Princess Merida from Disney Brave

Model: Mandeep Kaur | Makeup:

Mother Gothel from Tangled

Model: Dhiva Sakthi | Makeup: Siew Kim Chai


Model: Vanessa | Makeup: Siew Kim Chai

Tinker Bell From Peter Pan

Model: Shalini Segaran | Makeup: Shalu

Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Model: Anusha | Makeup: Reena Shah DBRS

Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

Model: Punitha Ganeson | Makeup: Shalu

Rapunzel from Tangled

Model: Nisha | Makeup: Shalu