Madrasi funny man Aravind SA (actual name: Aravind Subramaniam, he has style-a changed it to Aravind SA) is returning to Kuala Lumpur to leave us in all in stitches with his antics in Aravind SA’s I Was Not Ready Da on the 27 January at PJ Live Arts.

I Was Not Ready Da is about the strange things that has happened to Aravind, from becoming a comic to selling out a comedy show in 8 hours and getting his own special on Amazon Prime. After ripping apart the poorly crafted Lungi Dance from Chennai Express as a tribute to South Indians, Aravind has so graciously given us some belly-cramping, tear-jerking and howling laughs until we said.. “Aiyo, mudiyille Da!”


Unlike Aravind SA, we want YOU to be ready Da! So, here are 5 things you (probably) didn’t know about Aravind SA!

1. He Is One Of The Most Desirable Man In Chennai

We thought it was only us who adored this quick witted, eye candy of a brown boy!

(Confession time: Writer has a serious crush on Aravind)

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Aravind was recently listed as one of Chennai Times 30 Most Desirable Men in 2017. Joining the line of hunk and hotties, such as DQ Salmaan, Rana Daggubati and Nivin Pauly, Aravind SA admitted that he was REALLY NOT ready for this accolade.

Placing at No 29, this is what Aravind’s bio says:

No. 29 Aravind SA
Claim to fame: He’s hot property in the stand-up scene. Best known for his stand-up special Madrasi Da, which has gotten him popular across the globe, he’s ready with the latest one, I Was Not Ready Da.
Relationship Status: Single, and is constantly being advised to get married! Girls, take note.
Desirability Quotient: His wit makes him super attractive

(Psst ladies! Take a number)

2. He Was An Assistant Director Before Comedy

Aravind is a post-graduate in film making from the LV Prasad Film Institute. Till he discovered stand up comedy in 2012, Aravind was working as an assistant director in the Tamil film industry for movies like Arambam. The job demanded loads and paid very little. After noticing his flair for story telling, Aravind was invited to audition for Urban Turban by Bhargav Ramakrishnan of Evam.

3. He Once Broke The Internet With Lungi Dance

We are guilty of grooving to Lungi Dance at every other Desi wedding until Aravind SA happened. His breakdown of how Lungi Dance is such a mindless song crafted as a tribute for South Indians made us hit the breaks and not like the song that much.

Aravind successfully broke the Internet with a Youtube video featuring his comedy performance about the Lungi Dance and gained mixed reactions from it’s 4.3million viewers. Lungi Dance even became trending in South India after his video went viral. Hindi speaking folks were not too happy about his statements but Aravind is completely unbothered.

He even made it on a local daily news channel called News X for explaining the reason why Tamils don’t speak Hindi.

4. He Loveeeeees Sports Da!

Besides promoting his frequent global comedy shows, Aravind’s Instagram acts as a sports enthusiast’s collage book. He is seen in jerseys and face paints at sport arenas cheering on his favourite teams. In 2018, Aravind travelled across the globe to Russia to watch the World Cup live!

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He sees himself eventually moving into television as a sports presenter due to his immense interest in sports. If he is doing a sports show, we will be sure to tune in!

5. He Is A (Preshow) Tension Party! Jakarthe!

In an exclusive interview with, Aravind admitted that he becomes nervous and tensed before his shows. He might (or might not) have his claws out before the show, but all is good when he steps on stage to meet his eager audience. His frown turns into a smile and our smiles turns into big, BIG laughs. So, if you want autographs or photo opportunities, do it after his show ok Da!

Between the self-depreciative humour, generous use of Chennai Tanglish and his witty observations of, otherwise, daily dull happenings, we are counting down our days to the I Was Not Ready Da! show in Kuala Lumpur. To catch Aravind live in action and get your tickets, head over to

Source: The Hindu