Anand Aravindakshan and Priyanka NK, the talented former contestants of Super Singer are coming to Kuala Lumpur for an intimate concert with their fans! Anand & Priyanka Up Close & Personal will be held on the 29th of March 2020 at 6.30 pm in the Shantanand Auditorium, Temple of Fine Arts KL.

The Varnam team has a chat with Shivanee Selvaratnam of Asia Weaves, the organisers of Anand & Priyanka Up Close & Personal. The result of our discussion? 6 reasons you NEED to attend this concert!


1. It’s seriously up close and personal!

Anand & Priyanka Up Close & Personal isn’t one of those large scale concerts where you will end up having to watch the entire show on the LED screen. It is going to be a cosy, small crowd that will fill up the Shantanand Auditorium.

That’s the exact feel singer Anand Aravindakshan himself wanted with this concert, and Shivanee loved the idea from the start. “The up close and personal idea was Anand’s. We didn’t want a crowd that was too big, so that the energy in the room is in sync with the performers. That’s also why we selected the Shantanand auditorium. It’s going to be a nice, intimate experience,”

2. As with other Asia Weaves events, it’s for a good cause

All proceeds from Anand & Priyanka Up Close & Personal will be channeled to the Sekolah Rendah Sathya Sai in Kuala Lumpur. This is in line with Asia Weaves’ strong inclination towards charity.

The company began supporting the school many years back, particularly during their canteen day. “Every year, the school conducts a canteen day to raise funds for their activities. We have been supporting them in a small way before. Now, we have moved on to events, and we are so happy to be contributing to them on a larger scale,” Shivanee tells us.

Over the past two years, Asia Weaves has donated more than RM 400,000 to the Sai School and Hospis Malaysia, through various concerts and events.

3.  Priyanka NK – Need we say more?

Anyone who has heard the soothing vocals of Priyanka NK will find it very hard to not fall in love with her voice. Many of us Tamil music fans will remember her performance alongside the legendary SP Balasubrahmanyam last year. This young singer has managed to hold her own on stage thanks to her incredible voice.

Priyanka’s rendition of the Mouna Raagam classic tune, Chinna Chinna Vannakuyil is perfection itself, and it was this performance that led her to win the Best Female Singer at the Vijay TV awards three years ago. Her ability to nail the nostalgic old Tamil tunes, coupled with her fantastic following on social media makes Priyanka an unique singer who appeals to all generations. “Every time Priyanka steps onto a stage, she never fails to astound. Her singing is so melodious that it doesn’t need any musical accompaniments!” Shivanee gushes.

4. Anand Aravindakshan – An all rounded performer

The Super Singer champion Anand Aravindakshan needs no introduction. The stage is his second home, and this singer has performed all over the world since winning the coveted reality singing competition. He sings with ease, and his stage presence has been known to make every member of the audience feel like he is performing solely for them.

Anand is probably best known for his tune Sirukki Vaasam from the film Kodi, composed by Santosh Narayanan. According to Shivanee, Anand has been very involved with the planning Anand & Priyanka Up Close & Personal from day one. “Anand had some ideas which he put out to me, we worked on them together. He’s really excited to perform for all his KL fans,” she says.

4. Excellent musicians – Nikhil Ram & the Non Violinist Project

Anand & Priyanka Up Close & Personal will see an impressive lineup of musicians to accompany the lead singers. Flautist Nikhil Ram will be performing. “Nikhil has carved a niche out for himself among the Malaysian fans. We all absolutely love him, and we knew from the start that we had to have him perform at this concert,” Shivanee reveals.

The concert will also see the band that is all the rage in Chennai right now, the Non Violinist Project in full attendance. The band comprises of violinist Shravan Sridhar, drummer Kumaran SS, keyboardist Marshall Robinson and bassist Sooraj Kumarr. Known best for reinterpreting classic Tamil tunes with their own twist, the Non Violinist Project will serenade the audience for two whole hours, along with Priyanka and Anand at the upcoming concert.

Here’s a sample of their talents!

6. Aananthaa will be emceeing the night

Our very own Aananthaa will host Anand & Priyanka Up Close & Personal! Aananthaa is one of the best in the business of emceeing, and we are excited to watch him interact and enjoy the night along with the artists on stage.

Anand & Priyanka Up Close & Personal is going to be a concert like no other. With the amount of talent slated to go on stage that night coupled with the good cause, the show is going to be a fantastic one!

To get your invitation to Anand & Priyanka Up Close & Personal, drop Asia Weaves a message on Facebook here or WhatsApp them +6012 594 3987. The early bird rates are ongoing up until the 29th of February 2020. There is no seat limit for the early bird rate.