So, it was a pretty difficult year wasn’t it? Hey, you are not alone my friend. We’ve all gone through this year stronger, although when we were in the peak of it, life was like sinking in the Indian ocean where waves just kept on hitting us, pulling and submerging us into the deep waters.

Well, guess what? Instead of Drowning, we learnt To swim and made our way back to shore. A round of applause to us all!

2020 was a year unlike none other, but it doesn’t mean 2021 is going to be the same scenario. It’s in your hands, in fact, its either you take hold of this year and use it to your full potential or get stuck where you were in 2020.


I may not be the sanest one to give you suggestions to make your 2021 worthy, but this is how I’m going to roll out this year.

Focus on habits, not goals

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Instead of writing a resolution like, “To publish a book by the end of this year,” try write down the actions you should take to achieve that goal. An example, “Write 10 pages a day” or “Check with publishers on a daily basis”. By doing this, you break your goals into chunks that make your goals much more attainable.

Start saving up

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If there’s one thing 2020 has taught me, it’s that you always need a “Plan B”, especially when it comes to money. I personally have been following the 50/30/20 budgeting rule ever since I started working, but you can start saving however you want. Why? When you have cash saved for emergency situations, you’re going to have a fallback if anything unimaginable happens, like “this pandemic.”

Give up on a bad habit

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Seriously, if not now, when? Just try to eliminate one or two of your bad habits. Don’t concentrate on too many, or you may just slip back into the pit. Bad habit isn’t just smoking or alcohol, all right? Often it can be constant lateness, or even wasting your money. It can be anything that you’re trying to stop doing this year. So, just stop that.

Stick to some kind of sport/hobby through out this year

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This could sound pretty boring and tiring because of only one thing, you’re not going to get the results you want right away. Yeah, it’s true, but in the long run, you’re going to master the one thing that you’ve been engaging in. Let’s say, you want  to do the middle splits. Try to do it every day. Maybe spend 10 minutes stretching and doing it, you’d certainly be able to do middle splits by the end of the year. So sweat it out! Remember, the secret here is consistency.

Spend less time on screen

Pick another better alternative, like reading books, cracking jokes with your mates, playing with your dog, gardening, running like crazy, sweating it all. There are plenty of healthy and mindful habits to adapt when you’re away from the screen. Also, stop scrolling Instagram for hours people.

Spend time alone, away from everything and everyone from time to time.

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Take the time to focus thoroughly on your feelings and your day. Journal on how you feel or just close your eyes and meditate. If there’s something that bothers you, don’t be mean to judge yourself. Be a friend of yours. Just think about it, if your friend is having a bad day, what advice will you give them? Same applies to you. Consider yourself to be your own best mate by spending more time with ‘YOU’. This helps in understanding yourself deeper, too.

After all of that words of wisdom, keeping up with all the resolutions you’ve set for the year can be daunting sometimes, so don’t be harsh on yourself. But, I’d also suggest don’t relinquish. Instead, concentrate on one at a time and do it at your own pace.

You’ve got one whole year to accomplish your fantastic goals. Put on relentless effort, and in no time you would be there. Remember, your plans won’t work until you do it. 

So, what are your goals, then? Do you have any other ideas to make 2021 a better year? Write about them in the comments section below and best of luck everybody! Wish me good luck, too!