Picture credit: Kaushalya Balamurugan Official Instagram

I am often fascinated how young people are capable of so many things today. Although some are being misled by this rapid growth of technology and other things, most of them are eager to make their dreams come true.

They have been striving and working so hard from a very young age to have a brighter life. I firmly believe these are the people who will really bring our society to life in the future. They’re the potential leaders of our community.


Among the young people who are radiating their efforts, I cAme across Kaushalya Balamurugan.

She’s a 19-year-old young lady who does coaching, counselling for teenagers as well as being a spiritual teacher for children. In the meantime, she’s also preparing herself for STPM.

Many would have known her through her videos, where she talks about topics that are very insightful and valuable for today’s generation. 

Varnam Malaysia managed to reach out to her to have a little talk about her journey on how she started this.

Varnam: How did you embark upon making videos on topics that are of importance to the society and community?

Kaushalya: I started making videos on important news because I used to wake up to certain news that was happening around us and it was something which should be highlighted. So, I decided to give some talks over social media where it can easily reach youngsters now. It will make young generations (gen-y) to go by a good pathway while educating them on what’s happening around.

Varnam: What inspired you to make videos about crucial matters that need to be brought to the public’s attention?

Kaushalya: The thing that inspired me is, myself. This is because whenever I went through depression, and stress, nobody helped me to overcome those problems where it pushed me to a point to make wrong decisions in life. I even thought no one lives in peace. Hence, I decided to wake up from those negativities and decided to spread only positivity around me.

Picture credit: Kaushalya Balamurugan Official Instagram

Varnam: Do you refer to yourself as a motivational speaker?

Kaushalya: Yes, I do refer to myself as a motivational speaker because during my primary school days, my friends around me had shared their sad stories. So, I decided to stand by their side as a good motivator. I gave them some advice on which they can stand bold and solve their problems by themselves. Thus, I definitely see the quality of a motivational speaker in myself.

Varnam: Do you receive public support, or do you get backlashes?

Kaushalya: To be very honest, when I first started making videos, I rarely got any support. However, things have changed now. I honestly have no words to describe how supportive people are. I’m receiving countless amount of direct messages every time I upload a video. But, I hope I will gain even more support from the viewers in future.

Varnam: How do you deal with negativity or backlashes on the social media platform?

Kaushalya: Well, negativity is a kind of aspect we can see on a daily basis. I always believe that if there’s plus, then there’s minus, too. They both just coexist regardless of what. But, yes, I’m trying to avoid the negativity that I get from social media by simply ignoring them, because spreading positivity is a better option.

Varnam: Can you tell us a motivational discussion or related topic in which you really felt that the audience felt most connected?

Kaushalya: I think when I talk about current issues like “mental health,” audiences tend to really connect themselves to the topic, and when I put a video on “unconsensual sharing of naked pictures,” I received more viewers, comments and messages. So those are the topics which the audience were able to connect to mostly.

Varnam: Do you drive your life upon any motto or philosophy?

Kaushalya: Yes, I do. My life motto is to “trust the universe and always attract the positive. Your thoughts become things that might help others as well”.

Varnam: What is the whole purpose of you making these motivational and public awareness videos?

Kaushalya: The purpose of my motivational talk videos is to convey a message that can engage people’s minds and hearts in a way that motivates them to think more clearly, see opportunities, spread positivity, and move forward with efforts towards success.

Picture credit: Kaushalya Balamurugan Official Instagram

Varnam: How do you see yourself in ten years from now?

Kaushalya: I see myself as a well-driven and well-trained speaker and a motivator on social platforms where I stand in a place that can lead others to succeed in their lives.

Even though she’s young, she has a clear mind set and a compassionate heart to help others. Such a quality should always be appreciated and encouraged by our community, and if this doesn’t flare a spark, then what will? Kudos Kaushalya