Foodies… listen up! There is a spanking new banana leaf restaurant in town. If you are craving for some good Briyani with a twist (as cliche as it sounds).. then head on to Naatamai Banana Leaf Bistro in Sunway Mentari. 

As the economy in the country has slowly begun to rise up to its new normal, many local entrepreneurs have started venturing into businesses with unique and creative ideas, mainly restaurateurs and Naatamai is one such restaurant.


Naatamai restaurant prides itself as a hipster concept restaurant and features the “Sembu” as the emblem of it’s establishment.

this earned the restaurant a place in the Malaysian Book Of Records as the largest replica of the “sembu” in malaysia! 

Replica of biggest “sembu” in Malaysia
Photo credit: Naatamai Banana Leaf Facebook

This “Sembu”cash counter DEFINITELY makes head turn as it is peculiarly unique yet an interesting concept landmark.

Dato Eswaran the founder of Naatamai Banana Leaf Bistro, has undoubtedly astonished many with the enormous “Sembu” replica as the cash counter at his eatery. Very creative indeed!

Malaysian World Book of Records
Photo Credit: Naatamai Banana Leaf Facebook

As many of us are commonly aware of the trademark of a Naatamai, it is surely the “Sembu” they always carry around. “Sembu” is basically an utensil used to drink in ancient times. It is said to bring many health benefits due to the elements of copper and brass present in it.

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Briyani set
Photo Credit: Naatamai Banana Leaf Facebook

Opened less than a month, Natamai Banana Leaf Bistro has definitely made quite a name for itself among localites, with people flocking over daily to have a taste of their  flavoursome array of indian food, served in an interesting buffet conception.

Buffet spread
Photo credit: Naatamai Banana Leaf Facebook

This Purattasi month, the restaurant has added more vegetarian options to the menu to cater to its vegetarian customers.

up to 8 to 12 dishes are cooked specially for vegetarians each day, ready to be served in a platter full of delectable choices to indulge in! 

Natamai Banana Leaf Bistro is believed to be the first of its kind banana leaf restaurant based on a hipster style – incorporating a chill and vibe ambiance. Their exquisite comfy eating area with a variety of delish food to savour, is a pleasant concept to dine in especially for families.

Wanna have a full on Natamai feels for a day, while indulging in some yummylicious meals with the “Sembu”?

Head over to Natamai Banana Leaf Bistro to experience a palatable dine in experience!